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Re: Theos-World Moe and the volcano

Apr 07, 2002 12:11 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

Steve Stubbs wrote:
> which can be found everywhere on the Internet. Here
> are some statements from that book which prove that
> this conclusion is true, given with chapter and verse
> in case anyone wants to check:

Those statements prove nothing. At best, they indicate that the theory
MIGHT be correct.

> "fear" of this elemental force. There was no question
> among these folks of an afterlife, and they did not
> admire the volcano. They merely feared it. Those
> other ideas (worship, love, hope of an afterlife,
> etc.) were imported from Persia centuries later and
> originated with a people who had an entirely different
> concept.

There is no Jewish theology dealing with an afterlife, except for the
time of the Messiah.

> don't blame them. That land has commercial value. As
> one Israeli citizen was shown on 60 MINUTES saying a
> week or so ago: "Palestinians are not human anyway.
> They're just animals. Take their land!" Apparently
> he considers himself some sort of zoological expert,
> deciding who is and who is not human. Hitler did the
> same thing, classifying people he wanted to oppress as
> subhuman. Besides, real estate has commercial value.

Ah. 60 MINUTES found a bigot. And you condemn an entire nation because
one bigot lives there (bringing in Hitler, too, I see). 

> I think I'll make my money honestly. The "animals"
> that fellow spoke about are shooting back and the IDF
> is cautiously avoiding confrontation with them. 

The Palestinians started by shooting at Israelis, using their own
children as rock and bottle throwing human shields. And, unlike even the
9/11 terrorists, the Palestinians are specifically targeting civilians,
not military/industrial/government targets.

> It was reported on 60 MINUTES II last Wednesday that
> Israeli soldiers are shooting civilians in the back
> and standing over them laughing at them while they
> bleed to death in the street. 

Reported as fact, or reported as rumor? Real question. 

> When they find combatants instead of helpless citizens, 
> the IDF runs like the vermin they are. 

You can't have it both ways. You can't condemn people for calling
others "animals", then turn around and do it yourself. 

> A Palestinian professor
> said on the news they want them to keep running, back
> to Russia or Poland or wherever they came from.

Like the Arab countries where the Jews were all expelled and their
property seized in 1948? Of course, you probably want the entire
non-Amerind population to leave the Americas, too, I suspect.

Bart Lidofsky

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