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Re: Theos-World Do you have royal blood? Maybe.

Apr 07, 2002 11:31 AM
by ramadoss

The tradition in India is that every human being is descended from one of the 7 Rishi's or Adepts or Prophets.

In all Hindu rituals, one identifies oneselves by citing the traditional ancestor. Also, in most arranged marriages, matches are avoided between the bride and groom each of whom has the same ancestor. Also the inheritance is traced through the male only.

This is the tradition for several centuries.

At 10:20 AM 4/7/02 -0700, Steve Stubbs wrote:
That conclusion is a little harder for me to swallow.
He is saying, in effect, that one of your ancestors
was Muhammad, no matter who you are, and another of
your ancestors was Confucius, no matter who you are.
I am flattered, but the geographical realities seem to
make this unlikely.

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