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Re: Re: Theos-World why have talk lists?

Apr 06, 2002 02:35 PM
by folknn


my setiments exactly. I could not agree with you more.

I hope that by no means did I sound like I was implying that only those that have a full understanding of Theosophy may post, because I would be just as foolish and ignorant to say such a thing.

I think it is great to have all sorts of levels of understanding come toguether and instigate the need to discuss and challenge each other with ideas that serve for the means of understanding the "TRUTH".

Here is an example: A Buddhist monastery would NEVER allow anyone within their walls that did not have a vast if not relatively complete understanding of the "TRUTH", as it is taught to their monks. But no monk within the monastery would ever turn their backs on any man, woman or child no matter how far away from the understanding of their philosophy they are. And although I am not certain, I would dare to say than nether would the Theosophycal Society. And neather would any man whos heart and soul be full of compasion, simpathy, love and understanding.

This is why today we are learning the Philosophys of the OCCULT. I did not uncover the teachings of Theosophy until 10 years after I had begun my search for TRUTH. Somethings are just meant to be learned after one has had a full understanding of what's needed to get there. And most of us are really lucky to have had so many of these teachings uncovered and shared.

What I mean is, yes the reality is that not all of us have goten a grasp of the teachings of Theosophy, but that does not mean we should justify or accept those actions which are intended to instigate any or all that is against the bases of Theosophy (since this is the Theosophy talk list).

It is one thing to calmly and peacefully discuss a topic or idea or matter of confusion... but another to attack with anger or vengence.

Maybe I am just a bit amazed because I did not expect any sort of Hostility from a Theosophical discussion group. I have enough hostility in my daily life, as soon as I walk out the door it seems like a heavy task to find peace within the loud screams of angry men and honking horns and junkies that scream at me because I have no money to give, but they don't kow I barely have enough to feed myself ...but that is a different story. I joined this group to find healthy conversations that would help and furthur my understanding of Theosophy. And I can certainly return to my books If I can not find that here. But I certainly love reading what all of you have to say. All ready have you helped me understand a personal confusion with Hope and Prayer, and for that I am mostly gratefull for.

I have absolutely no idea what the hostility of that first email I recieved after I joined this group was about. And to be really honest I don't really care. It was not directed at me nor do I care to get involved. I did feel the need to voice my opinion in hopes to learn something myself by practicing and voicing what I stongly belive in.

kindly, Nina.

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