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Re: Re: Theos-World Questions and Answers

Apr 06, 2002 01:49 PM
by folknn


I do not keep any lables. As far as personal belives my greatest inclination is towards Theosophy followed by Budhism (with one d).

I belive in the practice of Meditation and try to stray away from prayer or any kind of petition, because I have come to understand that no amount of prayer or petition will ever make life chance it's natural course. And if anything prayer has ever brought me is the sense of confusion and loss, sadness if you will because somehow my "prayers" were not being heard.

I belive in the HERE and NOW, to "GO WITH THE FLOW" and being thankfull for what I do have. I also DO belive in HOPE.

Now, here lies the bases of my orginal question. After reading MR. Purucker's coment on the "selfishness" surrounding the acts of prayer and/or petition I began wondering under what category would HOPE fall? Finding confusion withing myself and my feelings becasue I began to thik... "well, isn't HOPE a form of desire? if so, isn't desire a form of selfishness? if so, is HOPE wrong and egotistical?" 

But I have come to understand that without my HOPES I would probably lack my sense and need of evolving. Without HOPE then we has human would lack the desire of moving forward even if it were on the egoless path towards becoming demi-gods, gods, and so forth.

So the question isn't if HOPE is wrong, but what kind of things you (or I) HOPE for? Am I HOPEing for my own selfish, monetary, posesive or egoistc reasons... or am I HOPEing for Love, compasion, understanding ...and change towards my fellow monads.

I have to say, I am no longer in fear or doubt of HOPE. I embrace HOPE because it propells me forward. And I have found no need from prayer or petition as long as I am gratefull for anything (and anyone) that is brought within my path.

I have Buddha in my altar
To remind me of me.

I have a set of beeds
To remind me of my concience.

I burn incense
To remind me of Nature

And I burn candles
To remind me of the Sun.

In the end they all remind me of change.

Some may call what I do Prayer, and some may even call it a ritual. And maybe it is. But I dare not call it anything else than what it is... a reminder of the god within.

kindly, Nina

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