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Re: Theos-World why have talk lists?

Apr 06, 2002 07:38 AM
by adelasie

Dear folknn,

It is always a good idea to keep in mind the difference between the 
ideal and the reality. Theosophy gives us a guide for right living. 
But we are all human beings with different abilities and intentions. 
I find myself remembering often these days that everyone is doing the 
best they can, given their own set of karmic limitations and 
strengths. None of us is going to reflect perfectly the teachings of 
ancient wisdom all the time, if at all. If we were so evolved, we 
would not need these teachings. They show us what we need to work on. 
But tolerance of others is certainly a very salient point among the 
many lessons we have been given. We don't need to waste any time 
criticizing others, but would better spend our time trying to bring 
our own behavior in line with the ideal theosophy gives us to follow. 
When something negative and seemingly destructive comes across the 
list, it seems like a good opportunity for each reader to use it to 
try to discover his own motivations. Do we flame back immediately? Or 
do we try to find out why this particular message strikes us as it 
does, and respond (or not) accordingly? Do we push our own point of 
view as the only right one, or do we keep in mind that every opinion 
has validity in its own context? Do we allow our anger or frustration 
to prompt us to say things that are hurtful to others, or do we try 
to post only that which may be helpful to others? These lists are 
great schools of theosophy, and available to all. Not only do we have 
the opportunity to discuss the different points of the teachings, but 
we also are connected to a world-wide interactive sociological 
experiment. Can we really begin to practice what we preach? I am sure 
we can, but as always, there are lots of pitfalls along the way. 

Best wishes,

On 5 Apr 2002 at 9:59, wrote:

> I recently joined this list two days ago and my first incoming email
> made me wonder if I had picked out the right discussion group and for
> a minute I was a bit confused. The short email was full of anger and
> hostility which was and still is a complete contradiction of my
> understanding and practice of Theosophy. Then I just figured I was
> entering a part of a much longer discussion I had absolutely no idea
> what it was about, so I kept my comments to myself.
> But after reading your letter I am beginning to understand that my
> intuition was not all that far off from the truth. I have to agree
> with you, Adelasie, that there is always a peaceful way to discuss our
> differences, raising within ourselves a higher understanding of
> humanity and bringing ourselves closer to divinity.
> I mean, I thought that was the whole point of studying Theosophy. And
> more so, a Theosophical discussion list.

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