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Re: Questions and Answers

Apr 05, 2002 10:04 AM
by redrosarian

--- In theos-talk@y..., folknn@a... wrote:
> (The pages here refered to are of Mr. Purucker's book
> titled: "Studies in Occult Philosophy")
> On pg. 481 on the section titled Prayer & Petition Mr. Purucker's
> says that both prayer and petition are "wholly selfish" acts and
> that because of this it is not only wrong it "is a spiritual
> impertinence", being that they represent a sort of
> confession "...that we are seeking to get something for
> ourselves...". He also says that even asking through prayer
> implies that we know what is best for us (or the world) and the
> Divine does NOT. He also goes on to explain that God is within
> ourselves and the best communion with God is within ourselves and
> that the way to reach this sourse is with Love. He says
> that "genuine prayer is loving", to have kindness and compassion.
> Then he continues to say "The key is self-forgetfulness!"


Prayer is discussed more in detail in the Key to Theosophy. HPB 
believed the only acceptable form of prayer was WILL-PRAYER which is 
an internal command rather than a petition. She believed that will-
prayer is an occult process bringing about physical results. Prayer 
only serves its purpose when it is used to bring humanity closer to 
their divine nature.

In that, HPB stated, "Will-Power becomes a living power. But woe unto 
those Occultists and Theosophists, who, instead of crushing out the 
desires of the lower personal ego or physical man, and saying, 
addressing their Higher Spiritual EGO immersed in Atma-Buddhic 
light, "Thy will be done, not mine," etc., send up waves of will-
power for selfish or unholy purposes! For this is black magic, 
abomination, and spiritual sorcery..."

Hope is a different matter related to karma and reincarnation. These 
are the doctrines of hope (reincarnation) and responsibility (karma). 
Reincarnation, the doctrine of hope, means that whatever negative 
karma we have sown, we always have the opportunity to sow better 
karma. What we do in the present to decrease suffering will bring a 
brighter future. Looked at this way, suffering is a blessing. Karma 
and reincarnation show us that suffering is brought about by wrong 
thought and action. Through right thought and action, we ensure a 
brighter future when we learn through our suffering.

The best meditation is where we learn to connect to the divine 
through right thought by raising our consciousness to the level of 
the Atma-Buddhi-Manas on daily basis. When it comes to meditation, 
someone once said it is best to check your ego at the door, not the 
Thinker within, and certainly, not your heart.

Best to you,

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