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Unmoderated Expulsion

Apr 03, 2002 08:16 AM
by Gerald Schueler

<<<<This particular list was created to provide a
safe place to study the theosophical philosophy...
After careful consideration, I must conclude
that it's in the best interest of the list that
I unsubscribe Brigitte.
-- Eldon Tucker (writing as listowner)>>>

While I have great respect for Eldon, and I know that this is a difficult decision to make, I hardly disagree. What the hell is a "safe place?" I thought that moderated lists were safe places.

I can't count the number of nasty flames that I received from Frank and Leon and others on theos-world. It got so bad that I quit reading the list postings and even now only skim them on occassion. Yet Frank and Leon and the rest are still there. These guys also drove Paul from the list. As I recall, nasty postings about CWL drove Eldon's wife from the list, and no one was ever unsubscribed for it that I know of. Seems very unfair to me, or is it that I just happen to agree with some of what Brigitte says? 

Anyway, if Brigitte goes, then I will go to, and the fundies and literalists can have Theos-world to themselves (Leon once told me good riddance, so I know where all of this stands with him).

Jerry S.

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