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Theos-World re: Brigitte

Apr 03, 2002 07:19 AM
by Nisk98114

I think she's a good soup stirrer. Her recipes might seem
curious, occasionally, (as they have seemed to me, occasionally), but I
have found her comments, like those from ANY good soup stirrer, to be
challenging and interesting.

If she's banned from this list, too, (I think she might've been banned
from Theos-Talk), I would tend to miss her posts, I suspect.

Speculatively, (yet not "too speculatively," I suspect),
Like all good directions there comes a time when one must stop stirring and 
let simmer.
Knowing when to stop stirring is an under developed quality in us basically 
otherwise our study of cycles is meaningless if it cannot be applied to our 
ongoing drama.

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