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re: Brigitte

Apr 03, 2002 06:32 AM
by Mauri

I think she's a good soup stirrer. Her recipes might seem
curious, occasionally, (as they have seemed to me, occasionally), but I
have found her comments, like those from ANY good soup stirrer, to be
challenging and interesting.

If she's banned from this list, too, (I think she might've been banned
from Theos-Talk), I would tend to miss her posts, I suspect.

Speculatively, (yet not "too speculatively," I suspect),

PS Well, on second thought, I might as well come out with it: If
Brigitte's posts are banned from all the lists I subscribe to, I have a
feeliing that I'll miss them. Who else offers such challenging recipes
and commentary, instead of just parroting, in effect, the party line? 
I was under the impression that Theosophists were supposed to cultivate
certain forms of, say, "self-directed/sufficient" types of assessments
in response to most anything . . . (as long as the list requirements re
such as "family content" are reasonably adhered to . . . ?).

PPS Hey, didn't have to go to work, after all, just then, 
(as per my Theos-1 PS). But NOW I gotta go!

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