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Mar 31, 2002 06:53 AM
by Nisk98114

Can we bear the "NUDITY" of our own Soul?

(It seems that not too many could bear that sight i think, or could they? 
[see below])
I realize this subject could be looked upon with all good humour but to this 
student the fact of clothed or non-clothed is a very telling point as to our 
ability to "look" or view the Interior life and , as an example, most all 
figures in Kahlil Gibran's paintings of his visions were almost all drawn 
sans clothes.
The Victorian Age was very "wrapped" and every available statue or painting 
was made to be clothed under the order of the church.(those paintings or 
statues that particularly had to do with religious themes , of course.)
We (humanity) had put the wraps on paintings and statues and the blindfold 
on "Lady Justice".
Thereby the manas of the age was "severely clothed" and Real visionaries were 

"Man, know thyself !"

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