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RE: Theos-World RE: Reincarnation and the World's Population: Some Suggested Reading

Mar 31, 2002 04:10 AM
by dalval14

Saturday, March 30, 2002

Dear Adelasie:

It is quite long since I read or noted the Is-Fi authors who
wrote as I indicated. One book in particular that struck both
Val and I with this cyclic return (about 6,000 years due to the
resetting of the Earth's spin-axis) of general ignorance,
(because of catastrophic destruction of institutions of learning
all over the world), I lent to a friend, and of course never got
it back. I do not recall the exact title or the name of the
author, or even the name of the friend to whom I loaned the book.
What pleases me is to see illustrations of Karma and even
reincarnation creeping is as side themes.

But there are also authors who deal with the absolutely dreadful
aspects of the psychic world -- the necromantic, and the sordid,
and those I close up and get rid of quickly. I have a complete
aversion for such things. Yet, I steel myself to know of them,
and to study what Theosophy has to say about them. I have no real
curiosity about them, and, above all, I have no desire to dare
my sanity by adventuring into the unknown to see what may be
seen. If ever I have to go there (?) then I want to go with the
power under my personal control to handle anything that advents.
Knowledge and wisdom give that power and I am in no hurry at all.

So far I have always found the propositions, doctrines and tenets
of theosophy to be "open-ended," to be uniformly fair, and
impersonal, with no special "axe" to "grind." I am more and more
convinced that Theosophy presents no more than A STATEMENT OF

Neither Val nor I are interested in descriptions of the psychic
or the astral. I can say that living for long in India ( 35
years) I developed some very deep friendships with people
there --since I first there at age 7 -- and it was easy to
verify the knowledge they had from their traditions, ancient and
CURRENT, of the nature of the astral, the psychic, the spiritual,
and the philosophical -- many a night was spent in deep search
and discussions. Many a story have I heard of their use of
astrology, perceptive philosophy and psychology, the search for
the IMMORTAL BEING that is at the core of every human being; and
the strange ways in which physical and psychological health
matters could be set right by those who saw below the physical
surface of the body and even into the magnetic and pranic causes
of disease, physical and psychic. It was in a way a kind of
verification of what H P B wrote of from different perspectives,
as many of my close friends came from various sects and divisions
of philosophical and traditional heredities.

Later, (during the 1960s) traveling over Asia and visiting many
countries from Japan and Korea to Afghanistan, Indonesia,
Lebanon, Iran and Iraq, I was able to make more than ordinary
superficial contact with friends of friends, to whom I was
"referred" and with whom I was able to verify other traditions
and stories from the past and the present. I have thus been able
to visit and speak of many things the average traveller never
sees, and may rarely hear of. My familiarity with several
Asiatic languages (and French, which I learned as a child) has
always been of great help in this.

Frequently, certain families of my Indian friends, played host to
wandering ascetics and it was of great interest to be able to
talk with them on that which to the average Westerner was mainly
hear-say and almost wild fancy. Towards the end of ISIS
UNVEILED, Vol. II, H P B gives some examples of this. So, to her
"stories," written under the pseudonym, as "Radha-bai" for the
Moscow papers were far more than mere fiction. I visited many of
the places she said she had gone to. My early years in India
were, after all, within about 50 or 60 years of the time when she
was there, so not much had changed, and some of the people she
knew were still alive and could give personal reports on
encounters with her.

Isaac Azimov in his FOUNDATION series mentions in several places
the power of what he termed "psycho-history." He places it in
the universe (which in his fiction was almost as common a
traveling place as my driving up to visit you near Pismo --
rather than on our earth. But the simllitudes are there. As an
example of a finely tuned materialistic mind he fielded question
on the border line of the psychic and the astral and turned them
back with his wide experience of scientific materialistic
knowledge to the purely material. He convinced himself that
there was only a physical and material answer for all
extra-physical phenomena -- and in a way he is right, because we
have to use our ordinary physical senses to secure
correspondences, and only our MINDS are able to "travel" in
thought to other spheres, or envision some of the conditions of
the infra-physical.

Another author is Le Guin, and there the theme is the
psycho-kinetic ability to transport shipments of all kinds all
over the known Kosmos -- will and mental power. Several books
were written of immigrant refugees from a world about to be
destroyed whose physical appearance doubled our own, but they had
natural psychic abilities, and had to conceal them because their
use would raise fear -- and they were only a very few.

I have kept one by L. Sprague de Camp titled THE ANCIENT
ENGINEERS. (Ballantine Books, New York paper-back) This is a
historical review of ancient buildings and engineering wonders
in Europe, Asia and north Africa. As a young man I secured a
copy of THE DRUIDS AND THEIR REMAINS and was fascinated for hours
reading and carefully reviewing maps of those mysterious
locations. Later the concept of the " Lay-lines" drew my
attention, and I realized that there was evidence for those all
over the world, rather than merely Britain where the Author noted

But my library of Is-Fi books I have given away, so I cannot
refer to those titles and passages which secured my attention. I
have only rather vague memories of them.

Just recently in the last 10 days, the NOVA series came out with
an hours' presentation on the great oceanic currents that link
all parts of the main oceans together in a cycle which may extend
to about 2,000 years for a complete circuit. Surface heat makes
certain areas habitable, and the corresponding cold currents run
along the bottom of the oceans -- it was like observing the great
arteries and veins of the human body -- working in and through
the oceans. Of course those who study Earth's magnetism have
also, by now, determined that there are lines of magnetic flux
and efflux passing through many places; and the "lay-lines" in
many cases showed where these met and crossed.

Another interesting fact is the so-called "Bermuda Triangle"
effects are found to occur in 13 other distinct areas in the
World. Some are n land and others in the Ocean -- there is one
just off the East coast of Japan, as I recall.

About 3 years ago NOVA came out with the illustration of blood
circulation in our bodies. Of that the most interesting
observation made by the narrator, was that the cells and
nutrients seemed to have an intelligence of their own, and "knew
where they were needed, and went there." This was illustrated in
several ways, and what was most interesting was the way in which
the defense mechanisms at the cellular and molecular level
reacted to cuts, or abrasions of the body. There is so much
evidence of the extremely minute quality of the intelligence in
the many components of nature that the Theosophical statements
concerning Karma are receiving corroboration all the time.

Personally I have had many a pleasant hour skimming over such
books but if ever I got an ounce of value I had to wade through
tons of nonsense. Did I ever tell you I once owned a bookstore
(in Bombay) and could read several books a night whenever I
wanted to or had the time?

But that aside my deep and continued interest in "proving"
theosophical propositions, and tenets kept me daily attentive to
the study of the basic and original texts, constantly looking
them over again and cross referencing .

On review, such a varied life this present personality has
lived ----

Best wishes,


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From: adelasie []
Sent: Saturday, March 30, 2002 9:22 AM
Subject: RE: Theos-World RE: Reincarnation and the World's
Population: Some Suggested Reading

Dear Dallas,

I think my reference to overpopulation in response to your
came as a reaction to some discussion of the subject that I have
lately "somewhere." (mental crossposting?) Your word picture of
situation now is vivid, and my mind made a jump to another
related issue.

I think sometimes that the affluent heedless and pleasure-seeking
culture enjoyed in the west, which is such a sharp contrast to
lives endured in many other parts of the world, is going to bring
big lesson to us, maybe sooner than later. After all, humanity is
family. It just isn't possible for some members to have
and some members to have nothing forever. It might look that way
some, but theirs is a very short-sighted view.

Would you be so kind as to mention some of the sci-fi authors you
refer to? It is always good to find theosophical principles in
literature. It helps us realize that the ancient wisdom is much
widely accepted than it seems to be, if we just count members of
societies, etc.

Best wishes as always,

On 30 Mar 2002 at 2:27, wrote:

> Dear Adelasie:
> I had in writing no thought of the Karmic reason for what we
> think is "overpopulation."
> I am as sure as you are that NATURE and KARMA takes care of all
> imbalances.
> I just wanted to introduce a visual concept as to what we were
> talking about. It is purely speculative and limited to the
> physical planes of substance. Very materialistic.
> But emerging from that is the fact that IDEAS RULE THE WORLD.
> We are (humanity) extremely vulnerable as a group and very
> unprepared. Our pursuit of personal happiness, ease, and
> pleasure makes us oblivious to the need for that kind of
> knowledge that bridges the gaps of great periods when,
seemingly, the
> general benefit of wide-spread knowledge is lost except to a
very few.

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