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RE: Theos-World RE: Reincarnation and the World's Population: Some Suggested Reading

Mar 30, 2002 09:17 AM
by adelasie

Dear Dallas,

I think my reference to overpopulation in response to your comments 
came as a reaction to some discussion of the subject that I have read 
lately "somewhere." (mental crossposting?) Your word picture of the 
situation now is vivid, and my mind made a jump to another somewhat 
related issue. 

I think sometimes that the affluent heedless and pleasure-seeking 
culture enjoyed in the west, which is such a sharp contrast to the 
lives endured in many other parts of the world, is going to bring a 
big lesson to us, maybe sooner than later. After all, humanity is a 
family. It just isn't possible for some members to have everything 
and some members to have nothing forever. It might look that way to 
some, but theirs is a very short-sighted view.

Would you be so kind as to mention some of the sci-fi authors you 
refer to? It is always good to find theosophical principles in 
literature. It helps us realize that the ancient wisdom is much more 
widely accepted than it seems to be, if we just count members of 
societies, etc. 

Best wishes as always,

On 30 Mar 2002 at 2:27, wrote:

> Dear Adelasie:
> I had in writing no thought of the Karmic reason for what we
> think is "overpopulation."
> I am as sure as you are that NATURE and KARMA takes care of all
> imbalances.
> I just wanted to introduce a visual concept as to what we were
> talking about. It is purely speculative and limited to the
> physical planes of substance. Very materialistic.
> But emerging from that is the fact that IDEAS RULE THE WORLD.
> We are (humanity) extremely vulnerable as a group and very
> unprepared. Our pursuit of personal happiness, ease, and
> pleasure makes us oblivious to the need for that kind of
> knowledge that bridges the gaps of great periods when, seemingly, the
> general benefit of wide-spread knowledge is lost except to a very few.
> This has been a theme taken up from time to time by good thinkers who
> write in the Science Fiction category. They noticed that seemingly a
> cycle of abut 6,000 years closes a curtain on certain aspects of
> knowledge -- in a formalized manner, and generally available. Some
> associated this with a change in the axis of rotation of the earth,
> and others with some other still undetermined factors -- suffice it to
> say that true knowledge went under-ground for a while.
> The disappearance of a large number of small land holders and of
> sustenance agricultural abilities threatens us with a disaster
> that large tracts devoted to single crops cannot possibly
> alleviate.
> As you observe we are again in a position of imbalance.
> Another observation is that our present method of recording data
> is so easily and completely effaced in an electro-magnetic storm
> that only th relatively short lived human brain-memory will not
> be sufficient to record and preserve the details of Science in
> case of such a catastrophe.
> Human inertia will undoubtedly cause a warning of this nature to
> be overlooked -- as most live but for the moment.
> And that's about all.
> Best wishes and thanks,

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