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Re: Theos-World To Mic Forster reg. "FACTS OF NATURE."

Mar 28, 2002 08:09 PM
by Mic Forster

Sorry for the misunderstanding Brigitte but I was not
being critical of your posts. In fact I took much
pleasure in reading them. I completely agree with you
that we should question the reality of reincarnation
or, for that matter, the reality of anything claimed
to be theosophical. Perhaps many of the theosophical
teachings are presented to us to impress the point
that we are living in complete illusion. 

You say you don't have a thesis but what you wrote
could be considered a thesis in some circles
especially in light of the following definition found
in the Collins English Dictionary:

thesis. 1. dissertion resulting from original
research. 2. a theory maintained in argument. 3. a
subject for discussion or essay.

Given this last definitional point, by asking about
Descartes and how that one paragraph related to
mind/body dualism I was treating your work as a
subject of discussion. I have wanted to do such in the
past but have restrained myself from doing so because
of the irrational response you have just given to my
seemingly harmless question. I was not questioning the
underlying basis of your posts, nor was I questioning
your crediblity which your scathing reply implied, but
was rather hoping to extend on one minor fraction of
your work in order to promote discussion in this so
called "chat group". If you want me or anyone else to
take what you say seriously and intelligibly, and most
of what you say is intelligent and highly credible,
you must get over this psychotic fixation you have
that everyone is out to get you.

--- bri_mue <> wrote:
> I don't have a thesis, the question is if
> reincarnation a reality (A "FACT =
> OF NATURE") as Theosophy claims it, or not ?
> What do you think about this, and how do you explain
> it ?
> I have presented some observations that speak
> against the form of 
> reincarnation as in the Theosophical system. Have
> send 4 long e-mails 
> with a number of arguments in that regards, can you
> do the same in the 
> reverse and show how come all the points I presented
> (not just one 
> pls !) to be wrong, and why reincarnation a la
> Theosophy would be a 
> fact , if so ? I mean the way you have learned to
> look at evidence in 
> your science classes. Since reincarnation and the
> various globes and 
> rounds including races and sub-races are being
> called a "Fact of 
> Nature" as Dalval and others do.
> It seems the Theosophical system is indeed a
> mind/body dualism.
> =
> =
> Bri.
> --- In theos-talk@y..., Mic Forster
> <micforster@y...> wrote:
> > Bri:
> > "Has anybody ever witnessed such creations and
> > attachments? If not, 
> > what would it be like to witness them? Further, do
> > these minds come 
> > into being without a cause or are they created by
> some
> > in
> > telligent being? If so, by whom? I know what is
> meant
> > by saying that
> > a painter or a composer created a certain work of
> art
> > or that a chef 
> > created a new dish, but I have no idea what is
> meant
> > by creating a 
> > mind. Equally, I understand what is meant by
> saying
> > that a label has 
> > been attached to a suitcase or that an artificial
> leg
> > has been
> > attached to a person who has lost his leg in an
> > accident, but I draw a 
> > blank when told that a mind has been attached to a
> > body. Unless the
> > questions I have raised here are satisfactorily
> > answered we do not 
> > have 
> > a coherent theory but mere verbiage, accompanied
> by
> > certain very 
> > vague pictures. The attachment portion of this
> > "theory" is 
> > particularly
> > objectionable. How is a purely nonphysical entity
> > attached to a human 
> > body? 
> > 
> > By bandaids, by scotch tape, or glue, or perhaps
> by
> > means of a rope?"
> > 
> > 
> > 
> > This sounds like Descartes grappling with
> mind/body
> > dualism. Could this be incorporated into your
> little thesis?
> > 
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