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Theosophical Research

Mar 24, 2002 04:19 AM
by ramadoss

I am quoting my previous msg which is below which explains what I stated on the subject:

At 07:10 PM 3/23/02 +0000, bri_mue wrote:
IAN wrote recently : Surely it's better for each of you as Theosophists to
do your own
research rather than relying on inaccurate second hand information to
base your thoughts on?"
This is not something new!!!!

Krishnamurti gave the same message for over 60 years. He wanted all of us
to get first hand experience and understanding and there is no substitute
for them.

He wanted no one to rely upon any one, including himself, and felt that
everyone can do independent first hand investigation. Anyone who has read
Krishnamurti's writings and lectures will find this discussed many times
and anyone who has not read, if they take the time to do the research will
find it in many places.


At 07:32 AM 3/24/02 +0000, bri_mue wrote:
Further regarding your claims about Krishnamurti pls send us some
quotes where Krishnamurti mentioned "reincarnation" using this word.


Bri.--- In theos-talk@y..., ramadoss <ramadoss@g...> wrote:
> Dallas:
> From antiquity, the dictum has been "Man Know Thyself" and no one
has come
> up with anything better.
> Until such time anyone of us is able to say "I Know Myself", all we
can do
> is to consider various pieces information as working hypothesis,
because I
> do not think we can take a "pill" and instantly and miraculously
> Ourselves (If anyone can find one, we can make a lot of money and
have many
> of the things money can buy!!!!). And we, in my opinion, is in the
> position like the blind men trying to understand and figure out the
> As I mentioned some time ago, when I talked to a group in the local
> about the Eastern beliefs of reincarnation and karma, I explained
to them
> that the principle behind is that each of us is ultimately
responsible for
> everything we initiate and accounts have to be balanced sooner or
> And this sounded very reasonable to the audience, since in day to
day life,
> it is very common to find people to pass on the blame to someone
else -- an
> easy thing to do and make us feel good and make us look good in the
eyes of
> others.
> My 0.02.
> mkr
> At 04:35 AM 3/23/02 -0800, dalval14@e... wrote:
> >Each individual is for himself his own authority. We cannot
> >delegate the ultimate responsibility of choice to any one, nor
> >can we blame any one if we adopt another's program or views.

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