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RE: Theos-World Why TS allowed SPR investigate it?

Mar 19, 2002 11:01 AM
by dalval14

Tuesday, March 19, 2002

Dear Friend:

If you will read the History of the modern Theosophical Movement
as in the book:

The THEOSOPHICAL MOVEMENT (1875-1925) (Price is $ 8.00 &

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You will find that in 1882-83 some of the members of the SPR were
also members of the British Theosophical Society. They had
formed this organization in Cambridge, and some were Academics,
to independently investigate psychic phenomena, mediumship and
all that related to the psychic and the astral planes.

When H P B and Col. Olcott were in England in 1893 they were
invited to give testimony before their committee constituted to
receive such information.

Later the SPR decided to send a representative to India to
independently investigate the reported phenomena there as Mr.
Sinnett had written of it in ESOTERIC BUDDHISM and the OCCULT
WORLD. Mr. Hodgson was a young man and a member of the SPR, and
he undertook to do this.

Arriving in India he met H P B once and thereafter fell under the
influence of the Missionaries who opposed Theosophy in India
because the THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY encouraged young Indian to
remain true to their Hindu religion.

Mr. Hodgson never consulted H P B or Col. Olcott again, He
returned to England and there he prepared his "Report." This was
published without endorsement by the SPR in their Journal for
December 1883. It denounced as fraudulent everything that had
been reported in India by Sinnett, and by H P B and Olcott. It
caused a "scandal."

In order to thoroughly grasp the situation then and following
that exposure you will have to read the HISTORY that I mention
above. All details are given.

It should be further noted that Mr. Vernon Harrison independently
researched the whole matter about 90 years later and concluded
that Hodgson was biased and his report was an error. The modern
SPR has since that was issued reviewed the matter and has
withdrawn their tacit support to Hodgson's Report. A copy of Mr.
V. Harrison's monograph "J'ACCUSE" can be had from the
through bookshop.

I hope this will answer your question. One really has to be
familiar with the actual documents that form the background of
the History of Theosophy in order to make sense of the various
opinions, these days, that are flying around unsupported by
references that scholars value as a basis for learning.

Best wishes,




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From: Majorinc, Kazimir []
Sent: Monday, March 18, 2002 5:37 AM
Subject: Theos-World Why TS allowed SPR investigate it?

Why leaders of TS allowed SPR investigate it? If they cheated,
why they did
not said simply 'we have not time'? If they did not cheated (or
so), again, why they allowed it? I mean, if some 'Society for
Research' came to my office, not to mention to my home to see my
and my papers, I'd show them door quickly ... so why that
happened at all?

Kazimir Majorinc, Zagreb, Croatia
M e r c y o f C h a o s

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