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RE: Theos-World Astral and Psychic Forces, Planes, Phenomena

Mar 19, 2002 06:16 AM
by dalval14

Dear Adelasie:

I think your appraisal is correct on this subject.

The information is provided in Theosophy in an attempt to let
those interested in the psychic and the astral know of some of
the dangers there.

Of course the VOICE OF THE SILENCE speaks to that end also -- as
in the 1st Fragment: The HALL OF LEARNING -- there the student
will find "the blossoms of life, but under every flower, a
serpent coiled."

The "serpent" may symbolize danger (if it is psychism,
selfishness and Kama) or wisdom (if it is the search for TRUTH
and the Buddhi).

Best wishes,


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Sent: Monday, March 18, 2002 8:33 AM
Subject: Theos-World Astral and Psychic Forces, Planes, Phenomena

Dear Dallas,

Thank you very much for your informative and helpful collection
information on this subject. So often it happens that we begin to
study occultism and are immediately seduced by the glamor of the
psychic possibilities. After all, our materialistic society does
admit of the reality of such potentiality, and yet many people,
those attracted to occult study, have had experiences that cannot
explained any other way. So when we find theosophy, we find that
there is an explanation which validates our experience, and at
point we are in danger of becoming subject to "astral

Any student would do well to read and study the material you
The psychic planes are full of danger for the uninitiated, but
danger, like so many of the negative forces that confront us, is
easily noticed. It operates in us in subtle ways, and works its
damage before we are even aware of what is happening.

Perhaps the most important thing for the student to remember is
importance of living a virtuous life, and undertaking a rigorous
program of self-examination. As has been clearly shown, without
advanced self-knowledge, patterned upon the virtues taught by all
wisdom, ancient and modern, the student cannot hope to develop
powers necessary to sustain him during the long and arduous
initiation of use of inner forces.

For most of us, that time of instruction is far off, and it has
rightly said that all true growth is slow growth. But as we study
apply what we learn to our daily lives, we begin to realize that
there is no need to rush or try to push our development in
ways. There is plenty to do, just to learn to control ourselves,
focus our lives in a positive and virtuous direction, to
the growth of altruism and brotherly love in our own hearts until
is our only motivation. It is always useful to sincerely and
examine our motive an all we do. There lies the truth about the
effectiveness of our endeavors.

This is the only path to higher development. All else leads to
madness and destruction. What student seeks that?

Best wishes,

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