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Re: Theos-World Reg. "Crazy Eagle" and pseudo-science

Mar 17, 2002 04:41 AM
by leonmaurer

... And, the following, perhaps, is a good example of your propensity for 
pseudo argument by association. Or, should I say "pseudo" proof? Instead of 
just listing books written by others, without direct quotes pertinent to the 
question, where is the "proof" you claim that such people "who knew or met 
Casteneda personally" deny what I learned from Crazy Eagle about Casteneda's 
source of his Shamanistic knowledge -- regardless of whether or not his 
stories were fictionalized or the names of his teacher(s) consolidated and 
identified with the pseuonym, Don Juan (ine of whom might very well have been 
the Yaqui Indian shaman that was related to my Indian friend)? And, even if 
such "hearsay" quotes were available, how does that constitute "proof" that 
Crazy Eagle was fabricating what he claimed?


In a message dated 03/15/02 9:13:50 AM, writes:

>(Bri.)Instead of "Crazy Eagle" and yourself who never really have 
>>known or met Castaneda personally, I think the more reliable sources 
>>are in this case the people who did indeed lived with Casteneda 
>>personally, known him intematly for many years and can prove it.
>leonmaurer: Where is such "proof"? And who are those people?
>Well first of all Castanedas maried wife and mother of his son wrote a
>book on this, that included the period Castaneda's student years at 
>UCLA, and up to his 2e published book, that is when he left his first
>wife and child.
>His girlfriend next, also wrote a book and that is the most interresting
>book because she was from the beginning also into the esoteric so she 
>could understand more of what Castaneda was doing and his sources, in 
>fact twenty years ago already she wrote a co-authored book "The 
>Psychic Healing Book" where in fact she incorporated the whole initial
>course of the Berkeley Psychic Institute where she had done a training
>Already in an earlier posting to Paul I mentioned what is Emy's 
>description of C.Castaneda's sources, so I will just mention the title
>of the book here, it will soon be out on Amazon:
>Sorcerer's Apprentice : My Life With Carlos Castaneda
>by Amy Wallace.
> Bri.

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