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Mar 18, 2002 08:43 PM
by Mauri

Eldon wrote:

<<Do you mean to say: Even if we would rather not 
acknowledge it, we have to think for ourselves. There 
is something worthwhile in the postings on the list. If 
willing, we can learn from others. Some materials 
contain errors, disinformation, and result from 
troll-like activity. Even so, we can get to their bottom 
line and find what little value they contain. (I took 
this as a challenge to see if I could sort out what you 
said in the sentence above.)>>>>

Yeah, but you made it all much too simplistic! 
Sorry, no cigar! Not a chance, really! Those 
sentences are so short and simplistic that, I suspect, 
even our house guest (who is known as a "dog" by 
some people!) might, just possibly, figure them out! 
Now I ask you in all seriousness, Eldon, how do you 
expect people to learn to really "think for 
themselves" if they're not challenged to do so in some 
way? Eh? Or do you think that you "prefer" things 
that are "easier" to figure out? What is it? Are you 
so rich that you figure you shouldn't even have to 
try to figure out new things---surely not? 


PS And of course I might challenge myself to learn from your
"straightforwardness," maybe.

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