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a different perspective?

Mar 18, 2002 06:04 PM
by Mauri

I'm saying that we're all more or less sort of reduced 
to having to think for ourselves, essentially, whether 
we choose to consciously acknowledge that, or not, 
and so, because of that reductive bottom line, we 
occasionally MIGHT, as per our interpretive 
willingness, be capable of extracting 
"worthwhileness" out of various posts, books, 
articles, people, events, etc, "regardless," in a 
sense---EVEN IF we might occasionally feel that 
some offerings are erroneous, trolling, disinformational, etc.?

A sympathetic aside here: My wife just read the 
preceding and complained about running out of 
breath, said I'd be thrown out of any English class! 

Hmm. Okay, well, back to the drawing board: I'm 
speculating about the effect that Brigitte's posts might 
have on Theosophy as it's generally perceived, 
especially by newcomers. But I wonder if certain 
aspects of her posts might, (if rather indirectly?), 
have a somewhat positive effect, (in spite of 
everything?), from a certain perspective: 

In that some of her apparently negative statements (as 
per some interpretations?) about such as 19th Century 
"romantic sciences" (whatever they are, specifically) 
seem to me (and others?) all too transparent: It's as if 
Brigitte might be making certain kinds of 
provocative-but-transparent statements in order to 
provoke more people to think for themselves. And 
isn't much of Theosophy all about thinking for 
oneself, in a sense?

And so those who choose to think in terms of the 
"trolling" aspects of certain kinds of posts, people, 
stories, etc., are, in effect, missing the point, I 

In short, I TEND to be kind of "reduced to" saying:
Thank you, Brigitte, for giving us such various 
opportunities to think for ourselves, instead of giving 
us plainer "wisdom" that we haven't earned.

So congratulations, Brigitte, from me to you, even 
though I don't know whether you're consciously or 
less-consciously aware or not aware of the various 
possible effects of your words.

On the other hand, I suspect that I would prefer to 
draw a line somewhere, in some cases . . . But in 
Brigitte's case, so far, (and maybe because I have 
read less than half of her posts), I'm tentatively 
backing off from drawing any obvious lines. If I had 
read all of her posts "more carefully" (whatever that 
might mean!) . . . who knows . . . 


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