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RE: Dallas's "LAWS."

Mar 10, 2002 05:21 AM
by dalval14

March 10, 2002

Sorry, my friend, I fear you missed the point I tried to make

The point being missed, my meaning is misconstrued.

I spoke of laws but did not ":make" them. Observation is
participation it is not creative until such time as thought
provides a reason for choice. Choice being made in thought, is
followed by physical action. Then those causes in the thought
world become objective in the material one and are followed by
physical results. The chain in either case is complete and
endlessly continues. This is a universal fact, and far more
subtle than we realise, as the desire and the thought that
precede any action are to se looked for and assessed.

On behalf of Theosophy, and to better express what I feel that I
owe to its many presentations -- some far superior to mine -- let
me offer this for consideration.

Theosophy is a name given to ideas and facts. These, being
universally verifiable, are the common property of everyone. If
one desires to argue about this, there is no point in continuing,
but one might fairly observe that the one who argues proves the
single point -- Descartes said it so well: " I think, therefore
I am."

It is non denominational and in no way claims to be religious, in
the sense of exacting an expression of "belief" from any one.

In the 19th Century it was RE-PRESENTED. In plain mater of fact
the system is as old as the world, and as old as the Universe
because it is the basis on which the Universes periodically are
breathed out and then back again into the ABSOLUTENESS.

In room where thick curtains leave all but a pin-hole through
which a beam of sunlight may pass, one sees the motes of dust
that float endlessly on subtle air-currents. Our breath causes
them to move in groups and describe before our eyes patterns
analogous to those of the Stars we may see on any clear night.
The slightest movement of a hand and the influence imparted to
the air causes those mote to dance in spiral patterns. Our
breath like a vast tempest causes them to hurry away in all
directions and to be replaced in that beam by others until a
degree of tranquility is restored. To the dust-motes we are as
Gods. To the atoms that continually surround us we are as "Gods."
We use them and shape them constantly with our hands, with our
desires, with out thoughts. So we in turn are parts of a till
vaster scheme. It is meaning and purpose of this that Theosophy
investigates and then describes. The Scientist, in his
department, does the same. But the Theosophist seeks for the
answer that Cause alone will satisfy.

In Nature, the causal base is always granted. In human affairs
it is rarely granted or pursued to it logical source. This gives
rise to the famous expression: "Belief systems." Alone these
mean nothing. It is their construction that gives them substance
and holds out to those who view it the logic or illogic of their
nature and use.

The Greek words THEO - SOPHIA come, as a designation for use,
from the times of Pythagoras, as he is the first known (to our
history) to use it. On examination it will be found that every
religion we know has sprung from an attempt to reform and return
to their original purify some earlier expression of religion.

As examples we see: Christianity arose out of a reform of
Judaism, Judaism, out of the Egyptian, Greek and ancient
Zoroastrian and Hindu systems. The correspondences are easily
traced by those who are not fanatics or dogmatists.

It is (if you, or any one, will but study it) an impersonal
expression of the facts and the laws that relate to all
operations of Nature. It therefore, like a Universal Text-Book,
provides, non-denominationally, in the fields of philosophy and
religious doctrine, information that is the common property of
mankind. Any one who desires to criticize Theosophy has to know
it --- and as Mme. Blavatsky did: give proof of such erudition
that they can with great ease draw from the writings of ancient
"authorities" -- this is not evidence of a "collage," but
evidence that the universal WISDOMISM ( theosophy) is to be
traced present in the writings of the past that are respected as
examples of real thought and impersonal consideration by great
men and women, philosophers and respected by some as lovers of

Theosophy is informative. It describes history.

It describes Evolution in a sweep that encompasses the widest
possible terms. It speaks of great Laws that encompass the
Universes and the worlds as also of mankind. But best of all it
describes these MORAL and ETHICAL qualities that make for the
best choices that any one can adopt. If anything it restores
sanity and logic to a world where selfishness and illogic prevail
widely, if not almost entirely.

It deals with the eternal progress of very unit of intelligence
or consciousness in the entire Universe and is not, repeat NOT, a
matter which permits of individual or special favor. It is
therefore the embodiment of impersonal and universal justice,
parity, and mercy.

It ascribes a CAUSE to every event and declares that all choices
of any kind will receive results commensurate with their
motivation. Likewise it declares that underlying all the
supportive aspects of our world and of matter are the energic
centers of force and purpose that make it a living and generous
support system.

Consequently it ever builds and destroys existing forms that have
out-lived their usefulness, so as to recreated from the material
thus liberated, new forms that the immortal spirit innate in
every form can continue to use constructively. It is ever
VIRTUOUS in moral terms. It never employs vice or dissimulation.
Nor does it seek to confuse those who approach its libraries and
halls of instruction.

It has done this for countless aeons. It is therefore older than
the oldest "religion" or "religious-philosophy" in existence. It
claims to be at their root.-- the "Mother-Doctrine." And, is a
Statement of facts.

"Belief" is for those who study it. They (we) may or may not
accept its tenets. Language and word-expressions are no barriers
to the ideas they enshrine.

It synthesizes, just as a chemical nature uses the properties
inherent in raw materials to extract or to construct such
materials as are needed. In this case the synthesizer is the
chemist. In other maters, say an architect, the analogous
process is used to build a city or a dam, or any useful
construction needed for human benefit.

The analyst quibbles over the expressions used, and looses sight
of the WHOLE.

Best wishes


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