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Muehlegger on out of the body experiences, bilocations and remote viewing

Mar 09, 2002 09:42 AM
by Daniel Caldwell

Muehlegger writes some interesting things about out of
the body experiences, bilocations and remote viewing. 
Her posting can be found at:

I have a number of comments to make on what she writes
but would like to first know what Muehlegger means
when she says OBEs and remote viewing are "real". Real
as opposed to what? Real as opposed to simple
"hallucinations"? Also what does she mean by
"bilocation" and why does she discount it? I guess
she believes bilocations are not "real". Why aren't
they "real"?

More to follow.

Daniel H. Caldwell
"...Contrast alone can enable us to appreciate things
at their right value; and unless a judge compares
notes and hears both sides he can hardly come to a
correct decision."
H.P. Blavatsky. The Theosophist, July, 1881, p. 218.

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