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Re: Theos-World To John, "UFO's remain an enigma."

Mar 10, 2002 00:10 AM
by samblo

Even though I myself have personally observed what are called UFO's 
not less
than on 6 separate occasions, in a variety of settings and 
differentiation's they
will remain an enigma I am fairly certain. On 1 occasion a friend 
and I observed
at length and using a professional Bushnell Sighting telescope a 
"Cigar" craft
landed on the desert ground enveloped in an orange coronal cloud. 

There have been recorded witnessing at least for several centuries if 
not more
of these enigmatic appearances, here is a website in German. Scroll 
down to
the VHS Icon it contains a NASA Select Television Recording from a 
live down
link during a NASA Shuttle mission. there are 63 unknown objects in 
the 9 minutes of the clip. Dr. Jack Kasher was unable to explain 
the observed objects
which were recorded using the onboard Space Shuttle camera's.


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