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Tenets of TS

Mar 09, 2002 05:23 PM
by ramadoss

One of the frequent questions that come up and debated, is the tenets, doctrines, philosophy of the TS. And here sometimes there is some confusion. Can an atheist and one who does not believe is anything unless it is scientifically proven be a member of TS? Surely yes. How does on reconcile this when we observe many members having a strong belief or faith in the philosophy propounded by HPB?

In Key to Theosophy, HPB has explained this question of tenets, doctrines etc. Here is the quote from the end of Section IV of Key.

ENQUIRER. But surely those few who have felt the need of such truths must have made up their minds to believe in something definite? You tell me that, the Society having no doctrines of its own, every member may believe as he chooses and accept what he pleases. This looks as if the Theosophical Society was bent upon reviving the confusion of languages and beliefs of the Tower of Babel of old. Have you no beliefs in common?

THEOSOPHIST. What is meant by the Society having no tenets or doctrines of its own is, that no special doctrines or beliefs are obligatory on its members; but, of course, this applies only to the body as a whole. The Society, as you were told, is divided into an outer and an inner body. Those who belong to the latter have, of course, a philosophy, or -- if you so prefer it -- a religious system of their own.

ENQUIRER. May we be told what it is?

THEOSOPHIST. We make no secret of it. It was outlined a few years ago in the Theosophist and "Esoteric Buddhism," and may be found still more elaborated in the "Secret Doctrine." It is based on the oldest philosophy of the world, called the Wisdom-Religion or the Archaic Doctrine. If you like, you may ask questions and have them explained. >>>

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