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Re: Theos-World Part 1-7 onTheosophy.

Mar 03, 2002 07:39 PM
by Bill Meredith

"bri_mue" <> wrote in part:

> My aim is however to understand Theosophy, the way it is "currently"
> believed, by members of the TS and also to one degree or another by
> certain of its sub-groups.

"So the first requirement for understanding is affection for the thing
concerned - not for the person who represents the idea, but for the idea
itself. I know that most people kindly like me, and so on; but that is
neither here nor there. Fundamentally that has no value. Whereas if you
examine, analyze, criticize, with affection, then that idea will become
practical and can be translated into daily action. When there is affection
for the central idea, then there is friendship for all who are approaching
that idea. At present, you are all seeking that idea separately,
individually, as separate entities, each elbowing each other out. There is a
contradictory spirit, an antagonism between individuals who are all
approaching the same idea, all trying to realize it, to understand it. But
to understand, to approach, and to realize, you must come with affection -
not in the sense of possession, not in the spirit of rivalry as to who
understands more and who understands less .' "

J. Krishnamurti, Early Writings
Eerde Gathering, 1930
 Krishnamurti Foundation of America

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