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Re: Theos-World Dismissed with offhand general remarks

Mar 03, 2002 12:48 PM
by Larry F Kolts

Hi Terrie,

Since Eldon has kindly given all the opportunity to run their own monthly
"ad" on this site, here's mine for March.

We have just started an in depth discussion of the Celestial Heirarchy on
Blavatsky Net BN-Study, which I moderate. It would be good to have you
join us. Many of us belong to both lists.

I keeps ads on BN-Study limited to references to items currently under
discussion and thus will do the same here. Eldon, feel free to do the
same the other way around.


On Sun, 3 Mar 2002 08:56:58 -0800 (PST) Terrie Halprin
<> writes:
> Hi,
> I've been reading this thread about Masters/"magics"
> and such and (unusual as it is) I thought I'd like to
> venture a couple examples of a few of my own
> understanding/explorations of these matters.
> First, (my personal favorite) let's talk about the
> Pythagorean "masters" - Are they there? Are they
> around? Was the pythag order ever truly destroyed? 
> Myself, I'd venture a guess that that answer to that
> question's a big fat "no!" - my reasons(?), personal,
> of course. ("Ooh, sounds like a story coming on!") 
> -cuz- the question, in my mind is "if they're not
> around then who are these wacky folks that keep
> turning up/tracking me down to give me these tetrads
> every few years". 
> Truth is, these folks are around, and I know it, seen
> it with my own eyes -AND- I know full well that they
> are inspired/learned - for instance, just a personal
> example, they just "know" where I'll be/who I'll
> meet/what I'll do (including "by accidence") before I
> have (including "heading") - that's how that works
> with them -cuz- I know it, experience it first hand. 
> So, it'd be stupid (for me) to state otherwise, I am
> not a stupid girl, I am level headed, certainly no
> fool to trickery (if you understand my meaning)
> although, yes, that's an expression,
> statement/judgement based on personal experience.
> Now, let's talk about the "Unknown Super Beings" - Are
> they real? Are they around? Do they exist?
> "Oh, yeah, Baby -AND- that's no joke" These are some 
> seriously powerful people in each and every respect. 
> I, for, one, am truly glad that I am aware of them
> being around. And, the truth about all of this is
> they don't give one eye-o-ta whether or what we
> think/not think of them. 
> These folks are simply not confined by the same
> understandings (laws/knowledge) as us SO their
> abilities currently far surpass our own AND they will
> meet you in dream to chat/test your skills and/or to
> tell you they'll meet you next week on the street (in
> "real" life) AND next week, yeah, you better believe
> it, they're gonna show up AND they're gonna wanna chat
> spiritual matters with ya WITH their capes and sheen,
> stature, powers/virtue in hand - it's an awesome
> experience! Their presence is utterly imposing.
> Now, what about magic (in this case "unexplained phn"
> - that's an interesting concept AND I think it happens
> all the time OR at least I see a lot of this in my own
> life - Starlight writing in the sky, lightning/pulses,
> flying fish, cute guy in parrallel world, ghosts,
> vapour, flying eye balls - man(!) truth is, this list
> would just go on and on. 
> So, my opinion, typically, is not to get lost in the
> experience, the is/not is of it all AND to search
> for/locate and decipher the meanings through the
> symbols involved. 
> Actually, I find that this is quite a useful meathod
> of aquiring "real" informations and/or understanding.
> I don't know if this helps BUT clearly we all know
> what we know, understand what we understand AND all
> this can generally be related to personal experience.
> (Blah, blah, blah - I think I'm ranting!)
> Have a BEAUTIFUL day,
> Terrie 
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