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Re: Theos-World How does one discern

Mar 01, 2002 10:25 AM
by John Beers

Monica wrote, "Rather than asking what "messengers" I believe are true,
perhaps the better question would be how does one discern who is telling the

I think you have to follow your intuition. You will make mistakes, but
you have to be open and honest enough with yourself to recognize and turn
away from mistakes. Even if you have spent a lifetime following them.

Intellectual discernment is important too, but realize that intellect
alone will not get you there. Sinnett wrote, "the path leading to
acquaintanceship with the Adepts is always found strewn with provocation to
distrust them, for reasons very fully detailed in my books, ..." He wrote
this in response to the Kiddle incident, in which it appeared that Kutumi
had plagiarized a Spiritualist speaker. Kutumi explained to HPB and Sinnett
how this had happened, but forbade them to make the explanation public. He
was content that the world, coming to the intellectually obvious conclusion,
would regard him a plagiarist.

Intellect alone cannot see past such obstacles; intuition can. Until
intuition is well developed, you still have to rely on it, make mistakes if
necessary, and never give up.

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