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Re: Theos-World How does one discern

Mar 01, 2002 09:20 AM
by adelasie


How do we determine what is true and what is not? What an interesting 
question. I would say that the first step is to accept responsibility 
for our process. If we are serious students, applying our lessons to 
our own lives and beings, we discover through experience what "works" 
and what does not. We may discover that we value selflessness in 
ourselves and others, based on our studies and our 
observation/experience of life. We may be more likely to consider 
seriously the teachings of those who live their lives in a selfless 
manner. We learn to value kindness and tolerance, in the same manner, 
and when we find a prospective teacher, we are more likely to value 
his teaching if he lives his life in a kind and tolerant manner. 

Inside each human heart truth dwells. We are so occupied with 
material necessity that we don't recognize this truth very often, and 
yet, everyone knows about basic ethics. They are part of the fabric 
of all human culture, whether we choose to follow them or not. Each 
of us has lived many lives, and learned many things, not all of which 
we can remember, but all of which affect us to a greater or lesser 
extent, depending upon our aspirations. I think sometimes, when 
something resonates as true to me, that it is because I have learned 
this thing in some previous existence, and my "intuition" or "inner 
knowing" recognizes it as true, although my brain/mind does not know 
why. But if I test this concept or idea in my life, and find it to 
hold firm, than I feel justified in considering it to be true. 

Best wishes,
On 1 Mar 2002 at 16:50, redrosarian wrote:

> Rather than asking what "messengers" I believe are true, perhaps the
> better question would be how does one discern who is telling the
> truth. I find that thought process far more interesting and more
> intelligent in the long run. I would like to hear from others who
> have been through this thought process. I'm willing to learn
> something new.

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