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Re: Theos-World is ether needed as a medium to propagate light?

Feb 26, 2002 04:48 PM
by Dennis Kier

> For something like light, it could be considered as either
> a wave or a stream of particles (photons). As particles, it
> could go shooting across space without needing any medium
> to propagate it. As a wave, though, a form of vibration,
> I'd expect that there would need to be something vibrating,
> something whose movement carries that wave. If you picture
> light as the variation in the strength of a field in space,
> that's saying that there's a field of something in space
> that's there and can be varied. That universal field may not
> be composed of matter as we know it, but it exists and is
> there to "create" light by it's being able to be varied.

If it involves extremely small charged particles, then the magnetic
field of one impinging on the next, should generate a reaction, which
could lead to the ripple effect, like a stone dropped into a pool.
Then it could be composed of particles, and have wave effects also.


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