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Re: Theos-World Aura-chakra-reading by - the Aura-Meter !!

Feb 26, 2002 04:48 PM
by Dennis Kier

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Subject: Theos-World Aura-chakra-reading by - the Aura-Meter !!

> Hi all of you,
> Aura-reading by - the Aura-Meter !!
> 1.
> *Aura-Meter*
> Valerie Hunt and others.
> I will suggest that some of you check this out carefully.
> This is for sure important, that is if it is really working.
> I think they are close on the subject.
> What do you have on this one - the Aura Meter ?
> (Chakra hz
> As far is I can read Dr. Hunt she claims, that she can verify the
chakras with
> her Aura-Meter.

The Cameron Aura-Meter was basicially a spring loaded balanced
pendulum. I met Mr. Cameron and saw him demonstrate the device in
1950. A friend bought one about 10 years later. I have seen photos of
them within the last 5 years, and think other people are selling them.
Mr. Cameron was Vern Cameron, and lived near San Diego, CA. It was not
an electronic device.

Mr. Cameron could also locate strongly visualized thought forms with
them, and demonstrated this at the Borderland Science Research
building on Adams Blvd in San Diego in the late '40s.

Mr. Cameron died years ago.


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