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Re: Theos-World Death & Karma

Feb 26, 2002 07:42 AM
by Morten Sufilight

Hi Jerry and all of you,

Ho ho. Allright Jerry.
Quite funny...
My point was, that we are not dying all the time - and everytime, but mostly we die in the end ! 
I.e. we are for instance not putting you to the grave every second of the hour, right ?

Some persons are not, what people think they are. - The person in question in the earliere email was Sathya Sai Baba.
And some doesn't get sick - because they are spiritually advanced. Some hasn't sexually bad habits - just - because others say so, - even of they comefrom Austria.

A story: "SORROW"
It was a sunny morning somewhere in the Middle East.
Mulla Nashreddin has been seen wearing, a black cloth around his arm - for several days now, as if someone had died. And he did that everyday while going down the main street of the village.
People was wondering, why he did such a thing, and who was dead, because they haven't heard of anyone to have died lately.
One of the bypassers asked the Mulla: 
"Why are you wearing this - cloth of sorrow ?"
The Mulla answered:
"Well, I am not like you non-believers. Somebody has most certainly died somewhere in the whole country of Islam, so I better keep my black cloth on,and show the dead people some respect, - don't you think so ?"

Feel free to do your best...

Sufilight looking at Tombstones...and a friend called Okay Carol...

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> <<<There is something called the law of Karma.
> Maybe, that is why some die, and some don't - right ?>>>
> Morten, who do you know hasn't died or who won't someday die? Our "karma"is that everyone who is born has to die. I hope you are not saying that a person who lives through an event has better karma than someone who dies inthat event. There is absolutely no way to know that. Living on can be a punishment for some, while death is a blessing to some.
> Jerry S.
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