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Let Your Life BE~

Feb 26, 2002 06:52 AM
by Lady

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Let Your Life Be 

A Wonderful Adventure!

Let your life be an exploration. Let people
and places be a part of your life, and
experience each and every unique
situation with a sense of wonder and delight.

Look in all directions to seek out the
answers you long to know, and discover
the secrets that keep questioning your
heart. Be willing to make changes and
be ready to face the challenges. Accept
the opportunities that present themselves,
and endure and cope with the difficulties
that can arise from time to time.

Remember that there is no one way to
live your life, but a thousand different ways for
each of us to be. Make your life the way you
want it to be and create a lifestyle that brings
you happiness. Search for your true meaning
in life by devoting yourself to your ideals, and
enjoy your wonderful adventure through time
by making every day special.

Sent with love, Judy 

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