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Re: Theos-World HPB, 7 ultimatly originating from Lurian Caballah and Poimandres.

Feb 26, 2002 05:40 AM
by Morten Sufilight

Hi Brigitte and all of you,

Brigitte: I don't so much need biographical physical socalled 'evidence' orthe like.
I try reading the Akasha - or try using "the 7 keys" (the alchemical "language of the birds", although the alchemists of the past - mostly weren't highly skilled here according to Blavatsky) of Blavatsky. I am doing my best.

I am not claiming anything. 
I am stating my views.(Read my last email to see that !)

But you, Brigitte, on the contrary seem to claim - a whole lot.

No I don't - read - every book or article in the world. But maybe I 'read' (so to speak) something else. And I am not claiming to know everything.

But I can also think - and reach conclusions. 
Wisdom is not intersting to some people. (Foto) (Crowley sex-magic ??)

Randolph is certainly interesting. Do you have anything on his teachers.
Were they all french ? Who were they ? Hargrave Jennings ?

Sufilight with peace...

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Subject: Theos-World HPB, 7 ultimatly originating from Lurian Caballah and Poimandres.

> Where is your Biographical evidence reg. Randolph that he would have 
> read the Puranas. Doe you read every book in the world ?
> Have you at least read a biography of Randolph that you can make such 
> claims ?
> Bri
> Randolph didn't menton the Puranas it is doubtfull he ever heard about 
> them. Deveney who wrote a Dr. Thesis about Randolph, didn't mention 
> anything about "Puranas" and researched Randolph and his sources 
> verry toroughly.Randolph learned Mesmerism Cagliostro type 
> occultism that time, wich rather points to a Caballistic background for 
> his sources.
> Brendan French recently completed a Dr. thesis about the Theosophical 
> Masters clearly prooving the western hermetic roots of Blavatsky's 
> system.
> Similar Blavatskys system of Globes and rounds is also for a majority 
> Lurian Caballah plus also has the Hermetic Poimandres as ultimae 
> source. Jacob Boehme and other early Theosophists that Blavatsky read.
> She eve calls Boehme a "Nirmankaya." 
> I am talking about the ROOT of her system 1876-78, Blavatsky 
> borrowing from the Puranas was in the SD 1888.
> = 
> Bri.
> = 
> The originator of the specific term "central Sun", is P.B.Randolph 
> Blavatsky had his books and clearly borrowed from him, or and from the 
> sources Randolph was insoired by.
> Including some of later the teachings of the "Mahatmas" as Steve has 
> shown, even whole book parts from Randolph where copied in the 
> Mahatma letters.
> P.B.Randolph trance teachings basicly statet (published in a dozen
> books 
> in the 1850-60's USA):
> 1.There is a primordial "central, spiritual SUN" which is eternal, 
> invisible and divine, and the "AEther," the "astral fire," 
> the "astral ocean of invisible fire" permeates the universes and acts 
> as the agent of all magical and occult operations .
> 2. Emanating from the divine Central Sun is the spirit, which is a 
> ray of the divine and co eternal with the Sun and yet is in some 
> inchoate way distinct and individualized."
> 3. From the "central, spiritual and Invisible sun" the originally 
> bisexual "monad" radiates, thus beginning its vast journey from the 
> sun, through myriads of transformations, into birth and 
> individualization on its journey back to the sun.'
> 4. On this journey the monad transmigrates through myriads of forms, 
> seeking "individualization" as man the potential stepping off place 
> for perpetual progress through the spheres 
> above.
> 5. Man himself is a trinity of Spirit, soul, and body. The spirit is a
> ray of the eternal, spiritual Sun and is divine.
> 6. Man's soul is matter ethereal and as such is mortal. It can be
> separated from the body and can move independently of it even
> during life. At the same time, the soul is conditionally immortal, 
> and it becomes immortal, if at all, when it is joined with the
> spirit . The goal of the monad's journey through its transmi
> grations is its individualization, the joining of the mortal soul
> with the immortal spirit. "Man is also triune: he has his objective, 
> physical body; his vitalizing astral body (or soul), the real
> man; and these two are brooded over and illuminated by the third the 
> sovereign, the immortal spirit. 
> When the real man succeeds in merging himself with the latter, 
> he becomes an im mortal entity, "
> 7. Immortality is conditional. If man during life sets his mind on
> material things, at death his soul loses 
> contact with the immortal spirit and is doomed to roam the confines 
> of the material world as an "elementary" until it gradually 
> dissolves and is annihilated .
> 8. If man on earth keeps the spiritual in mind, the soul becomes 
> immortal and a "god" and sets out on a vast ascensive journey
> through the spheres, a joint creature of Spirit and soul, and at
> every stage the soul ("Astral Soul") progressively casts off its
> external forms while preserving its individuality and fundamental 
> form for "millions of ages." "[The liberated soul Monad, 
> exultantly rejoins the mother and father spirit, the radiant 
> Augoeides, and the two, merged into one, forever form, with a glory 
> proportioned to the spiritual purity of the past earth life, the Adam 
> who has completed the circle of necessity, and is freed from the last 
> vestige of his physical encasement. Henceforth, growing more and more 
> radiant at each step of his upward progress, he mounts the shining 
> path that ends at the point from which he started around the GRAND 
> CYCLE. (In other trance lectures Randolph spoke of this cycle having 
> 7 steps or phases)
> 9. The goal of the vast process is return to the divine Sun. This is 
> nirvana, but that state is by no means annihilation. It is rather 
> existence in the spirit alone, with the soul " fused" into
> the spirit, free at last of matter and external form.
> The above is from John Patrick Deveney "Pascal Beverly Randolp,"
> every Theosophist should have a copy of this book. A lot can be 
> learned from that book about Blavatsky and the origins of modern 
> Theosphy, for details see the Amazon listing.
> Bri.
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