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Re to MN

Feb 26, 2002 05:28 AM
by Gerald Schueler

<<<<<<> It is clear from Randolph and Blavatsky's writings that the central Sun is another word for "God" not black holes.>>>>
<<<Correction. Blavatsky didn't believe in a personal God. The Atman or Universal Spirit is also known as the Central Spiritual Sun.>>>

I believe that Brigitte is correct. I would challenge you to find any references to the effect that atman (which simply means self) is "universal spirit." You can only find such an idea in Blavatsky, and then only by taking her literally. And Blavatsky did believe in gods, and her Central Sun is indeed a god (not THE god, but A god).

<<<As for black holes, it is my personal belief that they are similar to the human chakra system, only on a grander, cosmic scale. Chakras are also known as fiery wheels or mini-suns.>>>

You may be on to something here. Black holes are laya centers, as are chakras.

Jerry S.


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