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Re: Theos-World HPB & KH and the Illuminate.

Feb 26, 2002 01:10 AM
by leonmaurer

Referring to the quote below, I was wondering when the old "Master Race" 
propagandists with their sweeping generalizations and out of context 
misquotes and cleverly crafted innuendoes will start to creep back in to 
theosophical forums disguised as unbiased theosophists and "historians" 
interested only in setting the Theosophical Movement's records straight -- 
but with, apparently, only a superficial interest in "theosophy" and its 
fundamental teachings of metaphysics, universal brotherhood, with its morala
nd ethical implications ... It's pretty obvious, therefore, that their main 
(occult or hidden) purpose is to undermine the fundamental teachings of 
theosophy that gives reason for all human beings to be "brothers" with each 
other as well as with all of "life" and to see only the good (spiritual 
nature) in others... While, at the same time, they engage in venting their 
hatred against all Jews, or those of the Hebrew faith, falsely generalized as 
a "race" (which they certainly are not) -- by lumping the many, many good 
people of that religion with the very few bad ones -- as all "racists" always 
do. So, be alert, and think about what they say and how they say it, and how 
they use non sequitur references to other self proclaimed "experts" to makea 
subtle point that is, in essence, a subtle lie... And, "You will know them 
by their fruits."

Anyone who falls for such apparently prejudiced and misleading efforts to 
undermine the study of theosophy or twist it in ways that were never intended 
and that would make HPB "turn over in her grave" (or reassemble her ashes :-) 
-- is essentially naive, or a fool, and certainly not a thinking 
"theosophist" (in the true sense of the word). Such rants and ravings, of 
course, don't belong in a place where theosophists come to discuss theosophy 
as a profound metaphysical science, as well as a spiritual and benevolent 
teaching –- along with a little humor and common sense. But, I guess such so 
called "historians" don't understand that -- or don't want to. 

But... (sigh) -- this is an open, unmoderated forum. So, let the wise be 
warned... The poisonous snakes are creeping in, whether directly or 
indirectly, and we should see them as they are and cut off their heads 
(misleading words) -- by exposing them, wherever and whenever we encounter 
them... (If only for the benefit of those young and naive one's among us who 
don't remember the holocaust and those "racists" behind it, and how the 
ordinary German people were blinded by just this sort of propaganda.)


In a message dated 02/21/02 8:02:30 PM, writes:

>A Theosopist on this list earlier this year (2002) claimed that
>"you are not abeto read and understad a text." plus that I don't 
>know enough about " a single world government which both HPB & KH 
>were fighting against."
>Frank Reitemeyer from the Theosophical Central Archives wrote:
>"Was HPB working in defense of the Aryans or was she not? 
>Did HPB teach that the Jewish world view (black magic, materialism, 
>phallicism, dead letter interpretation, which they all handed down to 
>the Jesuits) is a malediction or a blessing? And did HPB teach that 
>evil doing is a support to the first aim of Universal Brotherhood or 
>did she teach that it is a barrier? 
>Karl Marx limited his harsh critic on the Jews on the money question 
>but it seems he was also aware of the Rothschild program as pointed 
>out in the above pattern (a check from Rothschild to Marx is to be 
>found in the British Museum). The Rothschild program seems to be the 
>pattern for Joly.
>The Basel congress of the Zionists and the resolved program seems to 
>be based on this Rothschild program.
>The US FM were degenerated even in 1873-5 when HPB tried to reform it.
>Do you think that Aryan science and the age-old knowledge of Aryans 
>would have been far more worse than the faked Jewish science of 
>In 1896 when the British (Fleet Street) government started its anti-
>German war propaganda ("Germany must perish", "Germania este 
>deletam") in the Jewish controlled London press (TIMES = SEMIT, read 
>backward), theosophical leader Katherine Tingley warned against war 
>Hitler was paid by the Warburg bank in New York from 1925 onwards. 
>His role was to round up the assimilated Jews in Europe as was 
>predicted in the Zionist program of 1897.
>Didn't Hitler made several serious and most level-headed peace offers 
>to his democratic aggressors?"
>East Europe went under control of the SU (Red Star), which is a child 
>of the US (White Star), so actually the Wall Street controlled during 
>the faked Cold War both sides. 
>The same pattern now with Afghanistan and its big oil and gas 
>reserve. Bin Laden was in conference of US intelligence in Dubai up 
>to August, were he underwent a medical operation in a CIA hospital. 
>First Wall Street sold weapons to the Taliban, now they destroy as 
>much as possible, later on they earn again with rebuilding.
>BTW, its curious to find mystical theosophical explanations on the UFO
>phenomen when the said files clearly show that they were physical 
>German ships and that the US industry failed to rebuild working UFOs, 
>showing that the German technology on submarines, Ufos, lasers, video 
>and tape machines,computers, rockets, etc. according to an American 
>general was some decades ahead (which gives the real reason for the 
>wars, which are never human rights, ideology and so on but always 
>money). This Gestapo documents (taken out according to the FOIA, but 
>many paras still blacked) seem to support the strange guy George 
>Adamski who in the early 1950's said that the UFO inhabitants with 
>whom he will have talked, spoke German." (end quote)
>Similar to the UFO movements and Keely question (fired at me by 
>another list member) that I recently responded to, this type of 
>research takes time, in order for it to be good enough to present 
>it on this list. (I later will also respond to all of Daniel 
>Caldwell's postings)Conspiracy theories have long prevailed in 
>America and Europe. 
>Following their rediscovery of the notorious English conspiracy 
>theorist Nesta Webster (1876-1960), the John Birch Society and other  
>groups identified European secret societies and Freemasonry in the 
>eighteenth century as the ferment behind the French Revolution and 
>subsequent challenges to traditional authority in modern times. At 
>the center of these speculations were the Bavarian Illuminati, a 
>secret society founded at Ingolstadt on 1 May 1776 by a young Jesuit 
>professor, Adam Weishaupt (1748-1830). The social vision of the 
>founder was rational, egalitarian and anti-clerical. By targeting 
>existing Masonic lodges for penetration, the order successfully 
>spread its revolutionary ideas through Germany, Austria, Italy and 
>into France. The Illuminati were dramatically exposed when the 
>Bavarian authorities banned the order, and hundreds of papers and 
>Weishaupt's letters were seized in 1786. A flood of confessions, self 
>justifications and official protocols ensued. Once the French 
>Revolution broke out, a mass of circumstantial evidence already 
>existed to link this watershed event of European history with the 
>activities of secret societies.
>Without the influence of Nesta Webster who came to write about this 
>because she believed to have had a past incarnation during the 
>French Revolution, it is likely that few Americans today would have 
>heard of the Illuminati. Due to the republication of her books and 
>the popularization of her ideas among the radical right, the 
>Illuminati became a major theme of American conspiracy literature 
>from the late 1960s onward. Here, it is widely believed that the 
>Illuminati had a malign influence on the founders of the United 
>States through Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, 
>who are alleged to have been members. Their influence is alleged to 
>be visible in the occult symbols of pyramid and eye on the reverse 
>side of America's Great Seal and on the dollar bill, originally 
>designed by the Founding Fathers.' The Illuminati even entered 
>popular culture through such underground classics as The Illuminatus 
>Trilogy (1975) and The Illuminati Papers (1980) by Robert Anton 
>Wilson. By the 1980s, the pre revolutionary Illuminati of Bavaria had 
>metamorphosed into supranational insiders bent on controling all 
>national money systems and governments.
>>From the 1970s onward, revelations about Jewish banking families, the 
>American ruling class, and the secret goals of private and state 
>agencies created a flood of books on conspiracy theory's. Gary 
>Allen's book, None Dare Call It Conspiracy (1971), discussed the 
>Rothschilds, the Warburgs; and the Federal Reserve banking system 
>before pinpointing the Council on Foreign Relations, a private 
>foreign policy think tank founded in 1921, as the prime mover for an 
>unelected world government. Des Griffin, another leading American 
>conspiracy theorist, traced the Illuminati up to Cecil Rhodes, the 
>Round Table and the Rockefeller family in his highly influential 
>book, Fourth Reich of the Rich (1976). These ideas were extended 
>through new combinations in the books, bulletins and periodicals of 
>conspiracy buffs. The National Security Agency, Central Intelligence 
>Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation and Inland Revenue Service 
>were obvious targets. More attention was paid to the idea of elites 
>behind the scenes, with expos6s of the Council on Foreign Relations 
>and the Trilateral Commission and their interlocking memberships with 
>the boards of the Federal Reserve, leading energy companies, 
>industrial multinationals, banks, media groups and top personnel in 
>government departments and academe. The prestigious Bilderberg Group 
>under the chairmanship of Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, which 
>has been convening discreet international conferences for 
>policyrnakers and industrialists from America and Europe since 1954, 
>is another object of deep suspicion. According to conspiracy 
>theorists, the covert aim of all these secret elites is a "New World 
>Order" that will manipulate and control the whole of mankind."

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