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Re: Theos-World Self-responsibility

Feb 24, 2002 09:05 AM
by adelasie

Dear Ramadoss,

What an excellent opportunity you have to offer the kind of 
assistance which is substantial, to people who have problems, knowing 
about the principle of self-responsibility as you do. The study of 
theosophy offers us so many useful clues about our daily lives, and 
how to live effectively and successfully. It seems to me that this is 
one of its main strengths. It isn't really necessary to "preach" 
theosophy. If we just live our lives according to its guidelines, the 
positive effect on us and those around us is very powerful.


On 23 Feb 2002 at 15:13, MKR wrote:

> Dear Adelasie: I am in the people business. I deal with many people on
> a very close level on account of my professional relationship. In
> observing many problems many people face in life, I could see that
> most of the problems could be directly traced to actions and decisions
> of the persons involved. There are a small minority of problems, they
> could be minor or serious, which is beyond their control and here the
> principle of Reincarnation and Karma seems to be a very plausible
> explanation. Based on this observation, I have counseled many
> suggesting that they should try to simplify their affairs and whenever
> any major decision has to be taken, I have suggested to them to look
> into possible complications that could ensue on account of the
> decision one way or the other. This would avoid any later day
> surprises of painful complications in life. So I am more and more
> convinced that we are responsible for our own problems and also joys
> of life.
> mkr

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