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Re: Theos-World the pronoun fights

Feb 23, 2002 11:33 AM
by adelasie

Dear Ramadoss,

I think you have really pointed out the main difficulty we have with 
accepting the ancient teachings as guides in our lives, the 
requirement of self-responsibility. As a race we are still addicted 
to finding the reason for our problems outside of ourselves. "It 
wasn't my fault," is such a common explanation for all that seems 
wrong. But once we begin to accept the fact that everything that 
happens in life is a result of our own past actions, we find 
tremendous power within. We have the ability to change our lives, and 
only we can do it. It is much easier to accept problems that come our 
way if we know that we created them, and only we can find a way 
through them. Along with this realization comes the knowledge that 
nobody can do anything to us unless we allow it. We control our own 
destiny. This is the source of serenity and peace, and in this way 
self-responsibility becomes a blessing, instead of something to fear.

Best wishes,

On 20 Feb 2002 at 13:51, MKR wrote:

> Well said. As they say, the proof of the pudding is in eating.
> Personally speaking, my exposure to theosophy has definitely helped me
> to become a better person and I am sure has affected many with whom I
> deal with. It has made me think, not constrained by traditional
> beliefs and traditional stereotypes and prevented me from not
> falling prey to the various priest-ridden religions and religious
> groups and as well as the many cults which prey upon unsuspecting
> population. The very fact that the theosophical ideas have survived
> over a century point to its inherent strength. It may not have mass
> appeal because it is based on personal responsibility and no easy
> escape out of the consequences of our actions.
> mkr

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