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Re: Theos-World HPB & KH and the Illuminate part VIII.

Feb 24, 2002 04:03 AM
by Morten Sufilight

Hi Brigitte and all of you,

Brigitte wrote:
Knights of Jerusalem are close to the English royal family~here 
Helsing uses John Coleman's Conspirators'Hierarchy-and supply the 
leadership of the Committee of 300, whose innermost circle is the 
Order of the Garter. Circles within circles and names are named: for 
instance, Lord Carrington, former British foreign secretary, is a 
Garter Knight, head of NATO, and chairman of the Bilderbergers."

I may come as a surprise to some, that this "Order of the Garter" has Sufi origins !
(See Idries Shah "The Sufis"; 1964)

Sufilight with help from poor the wonder kids....from Africa...

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> To complete his anti-Jewish rotomontade, he reveals that former 
> Chancellor Helmut Kohl was born Henoch Kohn and shows how George 
> Soros is ruining East European economies through his liberal economic 
> writ.4' Helsing's dubious sources, his constant repetition of Jewish 
> names as members of private and public organizations, and above all 
> his emphasis on the assets and powerbroking influence of the 
> Rothschilds as the top Illuminati family leave no doubt that his 
> conspiracy theories are aimed at Jewish targets.
> Helsing's breathless search for conspirators continues among 
> the "Black Nobility"-the aristocratic and royal families of Europe. 
> Given their landowning interests, they are supposed to be working to 
> create a new feudalism through deindustrialization and the reduction 
> of the human population.46 This leads to the Club of Rome, described 
> by Helsing as a secret Rockefeller circle founded at the private 
> Rockefeller foundation in Bellagio, Italy. Its membership comprises 
> the oldest European families of the Black Nobility and top Illuminati 
> families in America, all dedicated to a world government run by the 
> elite.41 In order to reduce the population, Club of Rome founder Dr. 
> Aurellio Peccei, former chairman of Fiat, proposed the secret 
> introduction of an epidemic. Helsing copies Bill Cooper's account of 
> how the AIDS virus was artificially produced for this purpose at Fort 
> Detrick, Maryland. The they are preparing for Armageddon at the end 
> of this century." At this point, Helsing dilates on the Vril 
> Society's telepathic contacts with the alienworld domination. The 
> Knights of Jerusalem are close to the English royal family~here 
> Helsing uses John Coleman's Conspirators'Hierarchy-and supply the 
> leadership of the Committee of 300, whose innermost circle is the 
> Order of the Garter. Circles within circles and names are named: for 
> instance, Lord Carrington, former British foreign secretary, is a 
> Garter Knight, head of NATO, and chairman of the Bilderbergers.
> s in the solar system of Aldebaran, sixty-eight light-years distant 
> from earth in the constellation of Taurus. The extraterrestrials 
> reveal that their master race of fair god-men began colonizing other 
> planetary systems over 500 million years ago. Within our own system, 
> they settled on Mallona (now forming the asteroid belt), Mars (as 
> evidenced by the great pyramids and the Face at Cydonia), and on 
> earth in Mesopotamia, where they formed the ruling caste of the 
> Sumerians. Similiarities between the Aldebaran-Sumerian and German 
> languages attest to the extraterrestrial origins of the Aryan 
> Germans. Aided by the Aldebarans, the Vril Society built a time 
> machine on anti-gravitational principles. This technology led to the 
> amazing German flying saucers of the Haunebu and Vril classes built 
> under SS auspices.
> Helsing's postwar account closely follows Des Griffin's bestselling 
> Descent into Slavery (1980), which documents how the power-crazed 
> Internationalists are steering all nations toward social and 
> financial ruin in preparation for their ultimate absorption into a 
> worldwide dictatorship. Unsurprisingly, we learn that only Illuminati 
> elites benefited from World WarII, but Helsing introduces a 
> revisionist theme. He reproduces familiar neo-Nazi material about the 
> 1933 Jewish declaration of war on Germany, Polish provocations, and 
> the Morgenthau plan to pastoralize a defeated Germany." He alleges 
> that German and Japanese offers of peace were systematically ignored 
> so that both countries could be reduced to rubble. The resulting 
> destruction created enormous investment opportunities, and global 
> reorganization signposted the New World Order.41 Helsing's account of 
> Germany's postwar experience in this process of internationalization 
> is strongly nationalist. Under the guise of democracy and liberalism, 
> the Illuminati planned the denationalization and moral degradation of 
> Germany. Postwar "reeducation" (democratic and liberal instruction) 
> to de-Nazify German attitudes and institutions defamed a parental 
> generation, encouraged youth revolt and fostered moral relativism. 
> Egoism, consumerism, and the neglect of history in the school 
> curriculum has created a German youth ignorant of their past .
> Page after page addresses controlled media, newspapers and 
> parapsychological methods of indoctrinating civilian populations. 
> Helsing supplies membership lists of his key Illuminati 
> organizations, including the Committee of 300, Council on Foreign 
> Relations, Skull & Bones, the Round Table, the Bilderbergs, the 
> Trilateral Commission, the Club of Rome, and the United Nations 
> Organisation (UNO). At their apex stands the Rothschild family. Seals 
> and symbols of organizations and companies are analyzed numerologi 
> virus was introduced to the African population under cover of a WHO 
> pox vaccination program in 1977 before being used to 
> target "undesirable" groups in the United States such as blacks, 
> Hispanics and homosexuals from 1978 onwards.
> Helsing knows Bill Cooper personally and also reprints his entire 
> account of the MAJESTIC-12 material and secret U.S. government 
> treaties with evil aliens. The CFR and Trilateral Commission have 
> complete control over alien technology as well as the economy. This 
> joint human/alien power structure aims at the enslavement of the 
> human race.
> Helsing's Illuminati-Jewish world conspiracy is extensively borrowed 
> from the American patriot movement, but is applied to German 
> nationalist concerns. He argues that this cosmic plot can be foiled 
> only by a restoration of the German Reich. Helsing quotes Mattern and 
> Landig's accounts of the Antarctic "phantom convoy' and the fruitless 
> American attempts to subdue the Germans on Antarctica in 1947 and 
> 1958. Helsing repeats the neo-Nazi adage that the German Reich did 
> not capitulate, but only the German armed forces under Grand Admiral 
> Dbnitz. The German Reich is still legally in existence and the 
> present regimes of Poland, Austria and the German Federal Republic 
> are merely provisional governments. The German Reich presently 
> controls huge areas of sovereign territory in Antarctica and the San 
> Carlos de Bariloche province of Argentina. Helsing also claims 
> contacts with members of the Black Sun. One such interviewee was 
> allegedly born in Neuschwabenland and lives today with three million 
> other Reich Germans in a subterranean city. Further bases exist on 
> the Canaries, in the Bermuda Triangle and in the Himalayas. In all, 
> the Reich Germans today have a standing army of 6 million soldiers, 
> including immigrant Aldebarans, and an armada of 22,000 flying 
> saucers. This "Third Power" may prove mankind's only defense against 
> Illuminati enslavement.
> Helsing regards the United Nations intervention in Iraq and the 
> ensuing Gulf War as another major instance of the Illuminati 
> offensive against any remaining opposition to its New World Order. 
> As "the Germans of the Orient , the Iraqis are long-standing allies 
> of the German Reich, which built the country's defenses and maintains 
> flying saucer bases there. Sustained UN air attacks against Basra and 
> Nedschef had the main purpose of destroying German saucer bases. It 
> is no accident that Helsing should admire fundamentalist and pariah 
> states that pursue the politics of identity with ethnic cleansing 
> against national minorities (e.g., Iraq, Serbia), as these states 
> have no stake in a global economic order of liberal capitalist states 
> under American hegemony. 
> Bri.
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