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Parapsychology versus compassion development...

Feb 24, 2002 02:39 AM
by Morten Sufilight

Hi all of you,

Here is something to consider.
Maybe we will see OR are seeing, a new society forming it self.
Police using Clairvoyants. Politicians using Astrologist - with precognitive capeabilities. The Wall Street guy using his. The Buisness leaders using their clairvoyant consultants - in key account management etc.

Police using Clairvoyants !

The clairvoyants help the FBI !

The Clairvoyants help - people buy gifts at the mall !

People on welfare trained to be clairvoyant !,1597,154382-412,00.shtml

Islam and paraspychology ??
(Not many know, that there in the Quran is a full description of the foetus growth.)

Who children trust the least - politicians and astrologists !!?

Sometimes one think, that the X-files with Mulder and Scully are near to reality - and not fiction.

Freud is not enough anymore. 
People want to know, what can be known. If FBI trust it, the politicians trust it, the buisness trust it etc. - THEN we better find out - right !??

Just two weeks ago - the largest danish newspaper ran an article, that New Age was booming in Denmark. People are going wild with - the psychic.

So where is the moral ? Who is learning people to control these forces - in a manner, which leads the Planet as safe as possible in to the future ??

Conspiracy or not - people at all levels of society are involved in this - parapsychological - wave, which sweeps the western world, and also other parts of the physical Planet.
I won't call i New Age, because New Age is more than that - and involves the use of moral and compassion while being involved with ESP and other senses of 'beyond'.

Have anyone tried 'Paratransport' ?
Where is this Planet going ?

Moral is important !
ENQUIRER. This applies to lay members, as I understand. And what of those who pursue the esoteric study of Theosophy; are they the real Theosophists? 

THEOSOPHIST. Not necessarily, until they have proven themselves to be such. They have entered the inner group and pledged themselves to carry out, as strictly as they can, the rules of the occult body. This is a difficult undertaking, as the foremost rule of all is the entire renunciation of one's personality -- i. e., a pledged member has to become a thorough altruist, never to think of himself, and to forget his own vanity and pride in the thought of the good of his fellow-creatures, besides that of his fellow-brothers in the esoteric circle. He has to live, if the esoteric instructions shall profit him, a life of abstinence in everything, of self-denial and strict morality, doing his duty by all men. The few real Theosophists in the T. S. are among these members. This does not imply that outside of the T. S. and the inner circle, there are no Theosophists; for there are, and more than people know of; certainly far more than are found among the lay members of the T. S. "

("The Key to Theosophy" by Blavatsky)

Altruism ! Altruism to everyone !

Sufilight with

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