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Re: Theos-World Keely engines "ether" and the SD.

Feb 23, 2002 06:48 PM
by samblo

Again thanks for your courteous reply. I did kind of jump into the 
topic between you and Morten no harm intended.

One thing you have mentioned that was of significance and 
may not have been that self evident to the many members in regard to 
recent posts. You offer that your principle effort is to trace the 
of "Idea's" or Concepts (I take this to mean "Kernel Concepts" ), 
this has not
been clear to me and possible others. Now I can relate to the 
objective more
clearly. I might propose to clearly indicate that it is the "Idea" or 
"Kernel Concept"
that is the Primary focus of your inquiry and efforts you might 
consider a "Header" of some sort that clearly stating the "Idea" treated 

I know that the study of any subject has it's barriers, one being 
time. To be 
remote and distant from events presents problems. There is no real 
for first hand direct knowledge or experience, but that is much of what 
most often have not available to them. As a consequence much can remain 
omitted or unspoken even through the best efforts.

Over the last 25 years I have known many alleged UFO contactee's or
"Experiencers" as they are most often called today here in America. I 
confident to say that most never have even heard of Madame Blavatsky or
the Secret Doctrine. By this I mean the large volume of random 
and not George Van Tassel, or several others who I am sure did have 
degree of exposure. The critical question to me is "When in their life 
did they 
come to know about Blavatsky and/or Secret Doctrine or associated 

I might offer that some people as consequence of UFO phenomena 
are motivated to engage in a search to locate plausible explanations 
relating to
their personal event. To some it means search Religions. If not 
sufficient there they 
acquire and widen their research into inquiry's of other area's. Most 
often these
are completely new exposures and not what would be normal for their 
and modes of life previous to their personal event. If nothing else they 
end up with
large libraries in their home covering the spectrum of History of 
Cultures, Religions,
Anthropology, Ecology, Astronomy, and other disciplines. As well as 
Books by
UFO Investigators and Experiencers, and even Video Tapes of conventions 
The bottom line seems to be that UFO's remain an enigma although there 
replete and manifold data bases of various types and many International 
Investigation Organizations, MUFON is one. Skywatch International 

Yes, there appears to a fairly energetic following as reg. "Nazi 
UFO's," but 
besides that there are many historical allusions some plausible on the 
others blatantly ludicrous. I might add that both Moore and Cooper have 
pretty much discredited for several years here in the USA among most level
Researchers. As for Icke, his assertions that the Royal Family
and Queen are really Extraterrestrial Shape-shifting Reptilians is enough 
to make
sane people flee for the hills! Yet for reasons only they know some are 
attracted to
type of fabrication.

One might characterize Idea's as vagabonds, they find a home 
where-ever the door of a mind is open and from there it is the owners 

In reg. to the Central Sun and the link I posted, I agree and now 
that we agree
that the Central Sun is not that then to what are we to look? You cite 
and true it may well be he made mention but it makes me wonder this:
Where did he get the term?
Was he only relating a concept or did he personally experience the 
Vision of this Regal, Resplendent, born of the Lotus, 
Centrifical-Centripedal, Infinite 
Rayed and Waved, both In-going and Out-going Solitary Midnight Sun?

On the Throne of Tutankhamun his Queen anoints him under the Rays 
of the 
Solar Disc of Aten, the Rays have "Hand" glyph on each. To some it may 
be many
things even indicating Monads Or perhaps the Idea of the Central Sun.

As I have tons of links as reg. UFO related contents, if you desire 
I will post,
but if not I rather not bother the list.


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