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Re: Theos-World Keely engines "ether" and the SD.

Feb 22, 2002 11:56 PM
by samblo

I guess we can announce that we have now the "sound of three minds 
spinning," although the moment of inertia is slightly different in each and 
the vector has
manifested productions of thought uniquely phase shifted. for 
me when I 
read Sufilight's post and the reference to "spinning" the thought it 
stimulated in
reg. to his meaning I assumed to be an oblique reference to the 

I seem to recall reading several things on the web recently in 
regard to the more
recent accommodations of research science and it appears to me that 
they may
possibly be well on the road to resurrecting the "Aether Theory." It 
remains to be 
seen e.

In a similar vein I earlier posted a website of Paramhamsa Tewari who 
in his
work "Space Vortices Of energy And Matter" postulates "The medium of 
( SS medium) possesses non-material properties, and is the only medium 
with absolute in the universe" P.2 1.2.1 Postulate 1. the interesting 
thing he evolves
in his theorem is his conceivement of the "original "First Photonic 
Cavity and it's
consequence, that it originates an infinite scalar standing wave upon 
which basis
acts as substrate to all further evolvement of matter and creation, 
being that wave that acts as means of conveyance of frequency and wave 
form and particle. In reg.
to Zero-point and Over Unity research he also presents his invention on 
the website.

Paramhamsa Tewari at one time headed India's Nuclear Program.


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