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Re: Theos-World Romantic occultism , versus 21th century science.

Feb 22, 2002 04:00 PM
by samblo

What IS "Life" ? This is a prime inquiry of course. The normal 
view of everyday
people fixes and locates "life" in the personal sense to their 
empirical body and mind along with the means of perceptions. 

To the Metaphysics there is an opposite referencing. It premises 
that "Life"
is the Solitary possession of the Absolute which since Omniscient, 
without Limit all manifestation must appear In. So in the Religious 
the personal induction that is common to individuals has the quality 
"Invert Logic" or as the Oriental might suggest "Upside-down 

The Metaphysic of the Absolute as the pervasive, limitless, 
Substrate which 
Intrinsic Nature is Life without interval constitutes what 
manifestation "Participates,
IN." Even though Science in it's inexorable examination across 
Centuries and Millennia defines, identifies, models the 
organization(s) of Matter and reaching to
the Planck Unit they will still likely be asking this same question 
even there. 

The Genius of the Conditioned Patterned Mind mimics the Bythos of 
it's Parent
but ever has limit to Matter no matter how small the matter becomes 
but to this
mind it really doesn't matter as "Nothingness", "Void", "Empty" are 
the natural
computationals it originates to compensate for it's inherent design 
limitation to

In a Previous post you indicate that there were individuals, 
organizations of
various Genus that seemed to fulfill self indentafication with or 
taking up use of 
the term "Great White Brotherhood" or " Aryan Brotherhood." My 
reflections and 
perception about this is the same as above stated. I have read H.P.B. 
and also
the references to the "White Brotherhood" and "Aryan." Again there can 
other views that align more to Metaphysic than any Racial connotations 
as is 
most often how people without Noetic Insight are forced to relate. But 
consistent, at least to me assertion through History whether it be Saul 
on the 
road to Tarsus, or A Yogi several centuries or millennia ago who either 
by themselves
or by their followers testify of the "Gating" of their Consciousness to 
the 4th State
and account of the "Boundless White Light " in which neither Ego or Form 
manifestation and which they know as "Home" of all. this to me is the 

"Cement" and underlying "Substance" that is the real Constituting 
prerequisite of the
True, Authentic Alumni of the Great White Brotherhood which has no 
relation to Race or even the from that is called the Human body.

There will always be those who cannot understand and mistake the rope 
for a serpent.


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