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Re: Theos-World Does it really matter?

Feb 22, 2002 01:05 PM
by adelasie

Dear Mic,

Great insights! It occurs to me that if we accept the fact of the 
unity of all life, realizing that all humanity is one entity, that 
the differences are only on the plane of illusion, necessary but not 
the whole story, then we may ask what business we have in criticizing 
anyone. When we find fault with one of our brothers or sisters, are 
we not simply exposing that which is also a fault in ourselves? And 
by the same token, can we expect anyone else to be better than we are 
ourselves? It is very wise of you, I believe, to make a distinction 
between the message and the messenger. Certainly no person in 
incarnation in this race of ours has reached perfection. We still 
have such a long way to go. But if the most apparently degraded 
person we meet says something to us that rings of truth, may we not 
be pardoned for simply being grateful, without judging the messenger? 
It is so difficult for us to know our own hearts and minds. How 
therefore impossible it is to really know the mind and heart of 

Thanks for your stimulating comments,

On 21 Feb 2002 at 13:15, Mic Forster wrote:

> Good Morning All,
> I was just sitting here pondering about the historical names in
> Theosophy and came to the conclusion that it doesn't really matter who
> said what to who and when. Is not Theosophy about seeking the truth?
> Are not all truths universal? And that being the case, it doesn't
> matter who said what because nobody owns a "thought" or "a statement"
> or for that matter anything. Everything that has ever been said,
> written etc in the entire history of everything was always going to be
> said/ written etc. Everything that will be said in the future was
> always going to said. HPB might as well be PBH or PHB or, for that
> matter, /#&. The point is what has been said has been said and we
> should ponder on this and search for the validity of what was said, we
> should not be searching for the validity of the person who said it. As
> far as I am concerned an absolute dreg of humanity could have written
> SD and it wouldn't matter: it is the message that is more important.
> Now that is not to say that researching historical figures is futile.
> What I am saying is that this exercise is more therapeutic and is
> valid in the fact that it puts at ease one's own mind, rather than
> settling anything of importance.
> My 0.02
> Mic

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