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The inner light...

Feb 20, 2002 11:30 PM
by Morten Sufilight

HI all of you,

Eldon wrote:
One may be a great writer, another an artist, a third a helper
of handicapped children. The important thing is to find a
mission in life that lets one's inner light shine forth in the
world. How and what one does is completely individual.

Answer and a view: 
Yeah I agree...The "inner light" is to me "active wisdom and compassion", and it is to build a character cointained such an "inner light".
Among the many paths to open the "inner light" of wisdom and compassion - spiritual allegories - is capeable of doing a good job. To understand and contemplate allegories with several levels of content - is developing to the mind.
Science - clearly too often - avoid dealing with these issue, and therefore - they have difficulties in understanding the view point of Theosophical organizations, theosophy and several theosophists of today, - i.e. also when we talk about the history of Theosophical organizations and theosophy as such.

Sufilight with a hovering inner light...

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