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Re: Theos-World Vril, Theosophical Science, and its aftermath Part II.

Feb 20, 2002 05:10 PM
by samblo

Thanks or the reply and additional incorporation's of which I have 
a few 

1 As reg. "The New Acropolis"and George Angel Rivlag Chev. Spn.
I must tell you that I was the Founding Western United States Member
of the New Acropolis in Los Angeles some decades ago. That I was 
a student and even today yet have the course Material and my 
notebooks and notes on the lessons given. I was by Providence led 
to meet
the Former Director of the Pythagorean School of Paris of the New 
and his charming wife when first they arrived to LA. Unable to speak 
broken English and with literally the clothes on their backs and an 
furnitureless apartment on Wilshire Blvd and armed only with the 
strong will
and a spiritual determination to establish and create the School as 
their Mission. This they did do, I myself gave lecture on Gnosticism 
and I can say bald faced and in truth there was no Nazi content but 
Theosophy, the Bhagavad Gita, Dharmapada, Plato, and sundry other 
teachings as might be expect in comparative studies. I add also the
selfsame Director of the LA School was a member of this list when I 
joined though not now. To this day I ever respect his dedication, 
elevation of thought, and commitment such as few have, and commend 

For clarity's sake I tell you that then George Angel Rivlag ran the 
Division of the New Acropolis. While it was his wife Ada Albrecht that 
ran the 
United sates and South America. As there had taken one of those classic 
"divisions" betwixt the two. 

Additionally the United States New Acropolis was later renamed as the 
"School of Hastinapura"

I might also add that to my direct perception fully half of the Staff 
of the LA
New Acropolis were by ethnicity Jewish. And very well intellectually 
schooled and dedicated to the purpose lines there.

2. As far as the Aetherius Society. I never met George king but as I 
during that time in Hollywood and was only a scant 3 blocks away 
the gaudily painted "pink" Hdqtrs Bldg. they had there I did visit 
it perhaps
three times. Not my cup of tea.

3. As for Ruth Norman, personally I myself get such a kick out of 
that Lady!
How can one maligned her dream, she is so sweet! As an aside more 
since of course Ruth Norman Passed on some years ago, I did a show 
in which
Dr. Charles Spaath was a guest. He was in attendance as a speaker a 
and New age Conference. He was much ignored by the crowd as more 
Personalties spoke at the same time in other rooms. I though too 
bad -- the 
elderly man has driven the length of California only to be deprived 
of an audience.
So we Interviewed him and Mark North who was with him, and he was 
happy. He still sends me information from time to time reg. the 
Unarius Academy of Science.

4. As reg. Daniel P. Fry and his Understanding Chapters: I have 
attended some 
meeting on occasion of the Inglewood Cal. Chapter, Guest speakers 
make a
scheduled presentation, the topics vary, but I have no knowledge 
they ever presented material adhering to Nazi views. I also have 
attended Dan Fry's 
Convention at his center at Tonapah and can tell that it was there 
that I witnessed one evening most extraordinary paranormal 
events both in the
air above on on the ground .As I said in previous posts Dan Fry was 
a fine man 
as known to me.

5. I personally think it is a mistake made often to aggregate 
people and groups
into a color of cloth simply because there can be appearance 
of "Guilt by 
Remote Acquisition" by some third party whom under most any 
circumstances they, their Founders or their members would not 
touch with 
a ten foot pole i.e. Aryan supremacists, Nazi's. Esoteric 
Magic Secret Societies, and the ilk such as that. I have known many people 
over the years and can
say they simply have shown now interest of the ones I have 
personally come
to meet. By Remote Acquisition I mean if someone reading 
Theosophy or any other publication warps it in some distorted 
manner it is their mind that 
performed the distortion and the responsibility is to be 
located where it is generated. 

6. The generated idea that somehow there is a conspiracy to 
prevent "Zero 
Point" and other technology from reaching the public cannot 
be the present
assertion today in light of the many websites that are 
posted openly to the 
world. So in that they may believe for the sake of their 
internal need but I have severe doubt in their theorem.

7. Perhaps a new Discipline devoted to defining the "Role 
Playing and 
Dramatizations" of mankind would relieve us of a lot of 
these seeming Historical tedium's as they were not of be such 
and item of affinity to
human consciousness life might be quite altered in course 
of it's end results and productions.


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