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RE: Long Posts -- And explanations ?

Feb 20, 2002 02:17 PM
by dalval14

Dear MKR

Some people do use them. For Example, here is a response:

==== quote ====== In today's posts:

Hi Dallas and all of you,

Comment to the below:

To Dallas:

It is very interesting and also makes me think.

Both the thoughts of Eldon and yours. And thanks for posting the
article by HPB "Occultism Vs. The Occult Arts" -

I think it is HPB when she is at her best in writing.

Yes them "sparks" and the proper "fuel" of the right special
kind, - interesting...very interesting...


Dal says: --

I would say that one never knows when something may not prove
useful to another -- there are no universal criteria.

One thing I would observe in passing and draw attention to:


Look at H P B's way of expression, and at the use of the English
language she employs. Is that the kind of language used by an
ignoramus, or a self-interested fraud? Was she a teacher? or, a
mystifier ? As someone justly observed if H P B is unimportant
and if Theosophy is inexact and misleading, then why pay any
attention to it? Why criticise or slander ? Is that not "free"

The more one delves into Theosophy, as H P B wrote and expressed
it, the more one needs the assistance a good dictionary, and an
encyclopedia, among other books of reference that cover the whole
spectrum of thought, science and human investigation.


One thing emerges, and that is the following: Scientific
theories and hypotheses emerge continually as new facts are
discovered. Those facts were there all along, but are only now
noticed. Theosophy in describing the formation of worlds and the
evolution of our Earth sand of mankind does not alter its
propositions and observations.

On careful examination the Theosophical presentations are found
to be a continuous and logical whole. The only difference with
our modern Science, is that theosophy begins with the permanent
Spiritual, instead of the impermanent and constantly shifting
material physical appearance of things. It speaks of the
"descent" of the "causal" aspect of Nature into a gradually
condensing material environment.


In contrast, our physical science deals with the physical RESULTS
of powers, energies, and forces that it knows underlie the
phenomena it observes. But using only physical instrumentation
and surface observation it cannot penetrate the shell of mater to
the cause of those changes and phenomena that it so carefully

For example we are given the atomic "weight" and "number" of an
element -- say Hydrogen: 2; or Iron (Fe) 58. Those are labels
but they do not say WHY that configuration of atomic components
gives that element its peculiar properties.

All that Science says is that since those have been isolated and
analyzed, the configurations have remained unchanged and along
with those the qualities remain invariable. True. But that does
not say WHAT THEY ARE. It only says that those elements in their
isolation, can be depended on to always act in a similar way
under similar circumstances, of heat, pressure, and in the
presence of other factors and reagents.

However as time has passed the laws of mass action have been
replaced by Indeterminacy, and a certain inexplicable
individuality is seen to exist at the atomic and molecular levels
which is not yet fully understood. Then we have also a real
paradox: the "laws of Chaos" are spoken of -- but not yet
identified for the same reasons. Chaos is then suspected of
being "chaos" (disorderliness) in some yet undefinable ways --
but some underlying "order" is suspected even there. Theosophy
would there refer to the "astral," and the "life-breaths" which

For that reason I say Theosophy and H P Bs writings contain their
own defense and can be placed in juxtaposition to any criticism
or discovery made. I would note again that those who are bold to
criticize have apparently not studied. For that reason clear
references to sources are rarely given, and have to be pried out
by repeated demands.

If Theosophy is a history and a statement of facts in NATURE,
then it is not going to be contradicted or shown to be inexact.
In fact as time passes and as some recent postings indicate there
is an indication that Science demonstrates increasingly the
exactness that theosophy fore-spoke.

Best wishes,


PS Or have I misunderstood your comment?

I believe that I am one of those who use the lists to represent
that which was originally issued for consideration as Theosophy.

I believe those statements are important and people today ought
to be again acquainted with them because of their accuracy and
common-sense -- even if they are lengthy. D


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>From time to time, we find long msgs posted on this maillist.
While the
time and trouble taken by the poster is appreciated, it would be
interesting to find out if there are many subscribers who either
due to
time or interest constraint do not read them.


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