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Re: Theos-World the pronoun fights

Feb 20, 2002 11:54 AM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 02/20/02 4:00:59 AM, writes:

>--- Eldon B Tucker <> wrote:
>> Somehow I think that an new organizational structure
>> and approach to the theosophical philosophy may be
>> needed. Look at the declining memberships and lack of
>> in the world. What worked for W.Q. Judge in the 1880's
>> impact in America in the days of the wild west does not
>> seem quite up to par for the needs of people today.
>What did work for WQ Judge? He was a sidelined
>character I believe. Theosophy in the 19th century
>got as much attention as it did because of all the
>drama created by Blavatsky and her theatrical
>personality. The wars with the churches did not just
>happen. She provoked them. The wars with the
>Orientalists did not just happen. She provoked them. 
>The British Raj did not choose to fight with her. She
>chose to fight with the Raj. There were lawsuits and
>scandals and purported miracles galore. I am not sure
>that is the right model for the modern TS. The
>masters have completely lost interest in the TS and
>withdrawn their support. Now the rest of the world is
>doing the same. As it becomes more and more
>irrelevant maybe it is best for it to just keel over
>and die quietly. An immensely abstruse philosophy is
>never going to appeal to the masses.

("Never say Never!" as James Bond said :-) It doesn't have to "appeal" -- if 
it hits them square between their eyes when the new direction of science that 
marries relativity theory with quantum theory under the umbrella of 
Superstring/M-brane zero point energy theory (which was presaged by HPB as 
scientific discoveries to come in the 20th century) is finally "accepted" in 
this century. Thus, turning an "abstruse philosophy" into an equally 
abstruse, although "established" science... Hopefully happening, according to 
most leading edge physicists, within the next ten years. 

After such a complete (Grand Unified Theory of Everything) scientific concept 
is mathematically and experimentally proven and accepted by mainstream 
academic scientists (who are today's gurus of the masses) -- while also 
agreeing with the theosophical metaphysical theory of Cosmogenesis and its 3, 
7, ... etc., multifold nature, as well as with my theory of ABC which 
clarifies it in simple scientific and graphical "engineering" terms -- the 
public will have no choice but to accept all the other corollary ideas of 
theosophy... As they once accepted the round Earth, with the Sun as the 
center of the Solar System, after their contemporary scientists showed them 
why it had to be so. 

So, theosophy is alive and kicking, and just waiting for the right time to 
enter into the minds of the masses... Without help from any theosophical 
organizations, it seems... Whose main purposes in this "age" would appear to 
be the maintenance of libraries, the publishing of books and literature, and 
as a meeting place solely for local students, teachers and inquirers... 
(Considering that worldwide study groups are now capable of being set up 
anywhere, on or off-line, independently of any theosophical organizations.)

Therefore, as each of us has been enjoined, in order to fulfill the primary 
object of the Theosophical Movement, "To form the nucleus of the 'Universal 
Brotherhood of Humanity'" -- it's up to us then, individually, to express the 
truths of the more abstract and abstruse moral and ethical precepts of 
theosophy in the way we live our individual lives, as well as by our 
'fruits"... Including; our individual teachings, writings, art, and other 
endeavors that can help clarify theosophy for the interested masses -- in 
addition to our practice of "brotherhood" in any of our groupings, such as 
this list or any other teaching/learning/discussion forum that's open to the 


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