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Doing the floors with Ph.d's ! - and so what...

Feb 19, 2002 01:20 AM
by Morten Sufilight

Hi all of you,

A Barnard -quote

"Some folk like to spout a lot of Sanskrit terms like Prana, Pranayama, and Karma and what not, as if there were some virtue in foreign words, but it would do their souls a power more good to be on a course of household drudgery, scrubbing floors and so forth...because the first step towards merging with Brahm or God or the Infinite or the Universal Spirit or whatever you like to call it is a sympathetic understanding of one's fellow men. The background of true Yoga is not book-lore or metaphysics but character. Without character all the book-lore and metaphysics are sounding brass and tinkling symbols." --Pierre Bernard

One might not agree with Pierre Bernard alias Oom the Omnipotent alias JMH (the Initiated of Cyril Scott, but the above seems allright.

Sufilight doing the floors...together with some scholars and Ph.d's....

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