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Damodar is not alone ??

Feb 19, 2002 01:13 AM
by Morten Sufilight

Hi all of you,

Some thoughts and some questions:

Is there anyone who have made research into this below link - on Cyril Scott and his Initiated JMH, (by some called Theos Barnard/Oom the Omnipotent) ??
(The name "Damodar" came up in this link - have fun with it).

Jean Overton Fuller has done some work in the papers "Cyril Scott And A Hidden School: Towards The Peeling Of An Onion"

More links on Bernard - Oom Omnipotent:

Quote from Bernard:

The Naked Truth

"Go naked truth, and buy yourself a suit, 
For lovers of you nude indeed are few; 
Yea, if your list of friends you would recruit 
Go clothe yourself--the world's afraid of you."

Was Cyril Scott's - friend the Initiated - JMH just fiction ??

Sufilight with heart and Rugrats...

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