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Re: what is oriental mind science?

Feb 18, 2002 02:12 PM
by redrosarian

--- In theos-talk@y..., Eldon B Tucker <eldon@t...> wrote:
> Here's a request for some information that I received
> a couple of weeks ago. I'm just cleaning out my inbox,
> and came to it. I don't know how to answer the question,
> but perhaps someone else on the list may have some
> comments. If so, it'd be good to post the comments
> so that everyone can read them, and include John
> in a "cc:" as well.

A sampling:
_______________ _________________
Occidental Mind Oriental Thought 
--------------- -----------------
Surface Value Penetration
the Shell the Content
the Concrete the Abstract
the Superficial the Profound
Material Attachment Material Detachment
Structure and Form Essence and Flow
Rationalization Truth
the Body the Soul
the Brain the Mind
the Carcass the Spirit
the World the Universe
the Earth the Cosmos

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