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what is oriental mind science?

Feb 18, 2002 12:25 PM
by Eldon B Tucker

Here's a request for some information that I received
a couple of weeks ago. I'm just cleaning out my inbox,
and came to it. I don't know how to answer the question,
but perhaps someone else on the list may have some
comments. If so, it'd be good to post the comments
so that everyone can read them, and include John
in a "cc:" as well.

-- Eldon Tucker

From: "John Fossa" <>
To: <>
Subject: Info request
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 11:23:59 -0200
X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 5.00.2615.200

Dear Sirs:

Can you tell me what Oriental Mind Science is and how it is interpreted by theosophy? I came across the term in writtings from the begining of the 20th century (1909-1911), so any historical slant you can give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much for any assistence you may be able to provide.

John A. Fossa

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